Safe Ways to Remove Your Dishwasher

A dishwasher is an important machine in every residence and its proper functioning is another essential thing to cope with frequent needs on a daily basis. You should always try to buy a new and good quality machine so it may be able to work a long time and effectively to fulfill your requirements.

When the present machine is disturbing to perform satisfactorily or reaches the age of disposal, you should immediately remove and get it repaired by the technician or buy a new one for the smooth functioning of the dishwashing system. Removing the machine is not always to dispose-of but sometimes it is due to;

  • Repairing by the technician
  • Shifting to another place
  • Thorough cleaning process

An important thing you need to take into account here is that removing the dishwasher is not an easy task. You need to have certain skills to be able to complete this chore. Some junk removal Vallejo CA companies also offer dishwasher removal services. Thus, you can hire them as well.

If you intend to do it yourself, consider these few points not only for the safety of the machine but yours as well.

  1. Removal of Power Plug

The first and most basic precautionary measure to the safe removal of the Dishwasher is to remove its power plug. Failure to plug removing can seriously hurt you with the electric shock or even lead you to cardiac failure resultantly. Secondly, in few cases, the removal of the machine is not even possible without plug removing the wire if fixed in the electric board that may not allow you to get the machines off.

  1. Turning Off the water supply Valve

After removing the power plug, the next step should be turning off the water supply valve. It will also not allow the machine to get removed as the supply of water is in place and until its dis-connectivity; removal of the machine is not possible.

  1. Disconnect the Water Supply Pipe

The water supply pipe of the machine is connected to the specific valve for the supply of water. Once the water valve is turned off, it must also be disconnected so the machine could be removed easily. It is to keep in mind that the valve of the water supply must be turned off before disconnecting otherwise the water could go into the electrical parts of the machine and damage it seriously and can lead you the financial loss also.

  1. Removal of Drain Pipe

Removal of the drainpipe is the next stage of this procedure. The drain pipe is held with a metallic screw on the fixed point for disposals. Undo the screw until the removal of the drain pipe from this clamp. Then, remove all the disposals held in the pipe.

  1. Removal of Body Screws

Look to the dishwasher’s body from all around thoroughly as sometimes these machines are fixed with the wall for several purposes with few screws. Carefully examining these fixed points, you may remove these screws to release them from the wall.

  1. Detachment of Base Screws / Base frame

Mostly the dishwashers are also fixed at the surface where they are placed to avoid their displacement. Carefully looking into it, the base frame or leg stands should be untied so the machine could be lifted without any resistance.

  1. Detachment of Water Tray

Every Dishwasher has a water tray at its bottom that collects excessive water that remains in the machine. There is always some quantity of water in it, removing which is necessary before proceeding to the removal of the dishwasher.

  1. Confirmation of Electric dis-connectivity 

Although you have removed the power cable of the machine, taking electric risks is never tolerable, so it must be verified and rechecked with the voltage meter. Sometimes, with the indoor wiring faults, the indoor wire lines are connected or touching to the water pipelines or other fixture that causes serious accidents. You must check the dishwasher with a voltmeter whether the electricity is dead or not.

  1. Displacement of Dishwasher

When you have ensured the removal of all wires and pipes, you should drag them off the wall until fully exposed. While removing, be careful to avoid scratches or damage to the body if you are not willing to dispose of the machine. It is better to place a towel, thick cloth, or cardboard on the floor where to drag machines as it will protect the surface from scratches.

In all, if you wish to remove the dishwasher in a minutely perfect manner, the services of a professional appliance removal company such as 3 Kings Hauling & More can prove to be the best choice.

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