Analysis Of Pet Food
Analysis Of Pet Food

Digging Deep Into Analysis Of Pet Food

If you notice what’s been going on with the health of pets, it’s been mimicking human behavior. They’re starting to get diabetes and heart disease and joint problems just because when you look at the ancestral diet of cats and dogs, it’s changed greatly. No longer they eating a diet high in protein, moderate fat and low carbs. It’s flipped. It’s kind of like these treats over here. 

Unfortunately, that’s high carbs, high processed, refined starches, bad fats and low protein. So there are some really good pet foods here at the grocery store. I want to run through them really quick before we do that. 

Once you learn to read the ingredients, it’s going to be very, very easy to pick out the good ones from the bad ones you want to avoid. So I did a little look through before I got here. This is a great wet dog food by organic. So I really like the fact it’s organic because think about it, non organic food like turkey or chicken is made with animals that only eat GMO grains.

I don’t think you or your dog or your cat want that in your body. So this is organics. Boutcher and Bushell. Look at these ingredients here. It’s actually quite impressive. So it’s organic turkey, which has great organic chicken broth.

Carbs in pet food

And then look what’s going on here. How are they getting their carbohydrates? Are they from greens and corn and soy? No, it’s from pea protein. How are you getting great minerals and fats from chicken liver. Oh look at that egg. Organic coconut flour. That’s really impressive. Then a lot of fiber comes from blueberries. Black seeds are loaded in fiber. This, you guys, looks absolutely fantastic.

So the problem is if you start eating a diet or if your dog if you want to eat it too, that’s fine. Start eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates and bad oils that’s going to lead to inflammation. And just like humans, inflammatory diets and animals can cause many, many health issues in court, including bad joints, diabetes, heart issues. So that’s fantastic. But if I go over here, hold pause, take a look.

Is it a GMO meat?

This is whole Porres Beef and Lentil Feast. That guy looks really, really cute there. But compare the ingredients so it’s not organic or non GMO beef, which I mean, it might be OK in a pinch, but it’s the other ingredients I’m concerned about. Look, the other one from what is that the organics didn’t have any oil.

These have sunflower oil, which is highly processed and highly refined. And we keep reading here. What else that’s really don’t know how low carrageenan between the sunflower oil, the carrageenan and the non GM of the non organic beef. Don’t give this to your dog, you guys.

The role of Carrageenan

You know, carrageenan is given to patients to induce inflammation in doctor and lab studies for humans. Carrageenan is very disruptive to your tummy and it’s inflammatory. Don’t give it to your dog or your cat. That’s really bad news. Sunflower oil is highly processed and highly refined and highly inflammatory and non GMO beef, maybe not a deal killer, but combined with the other ingredients, no way.

I was actually going to go to like a place like a PetSmart for this, but I thought it might be a little overwhelming. And I’m allergic to a lot of cats and dogs and I think I might be sneezing the whole video, so I thought I’d do it while I’m shopping here at Whole Foods.

Organics also makes a really beautiful, organic, dry food. Look at this. The dry ingredients here for the dog food, amazing organic grain free chicken sweep. Oh, here we go. Organic chicken. Chicken meal is fine as a supplementary ingredient. You don’t want to see only chicken meal, but that can be bones, which has really good métro and stuff like that. Oh my gosh.

They’re using coconut oil, coconut oil in the dry food compared to sunflower for that garbage over there. Wow. Organics is crushing the game here. Organic chicken, liver, salmon oil instead of sunflower oil. That’s really impressive. And this is the vitamin mark up here to supplement the feed. That’s great. This liberty fresh here. It’s not organic or non GMO, but I did check out the ingredients. Not bad. Look at that. Turkey, eggs, millet. Only problem here is that it’s not non GMO or organic.

And even though it has natural vegetable flavor, I look you guys in the market, pretty much all pet food has natural flavors, which is a bummer because there’s nothing natural about it. But you can’t avoid it, and this is really cool, I guess Christine makes grass fed lamb and lentil wild caught sweet potato recipe. This is amazing. Look at this. Wild caught salmon are grass fed lamb, great protein and fiber from the peas. Coconut oil. Oh, my God.

Organic blueberries, which are the dirty dozen. So they’re organic, which is a major plus. This is so cool, you guys. This is this is like something that is actually very, very envious that some dogs get to eat this and we’re not seeing any processed, refined starches. Dogs should not be eating simple carbohydrates like soya, like a corn, like wheat. Those are inflammatory. A lot of soy protein is used in dog food.

Avoid soy protein and jacks up the protein count. But it’s inflammatory. It’s GMO and it’s garbage. So this is really, really, really good stuff. Let’s take a break from the dogs. And a lot of people have cats out there. Let’s check out the cat food over there. Let’s take a look at some of the wet and dry cat food options. Once again, just like the dog food, these guys pristine or really is pristine, a buck sixty nine a pack in here.

Is turkey meat good for dogs?

This is the free range turkey. But it’s not just free range turkey through organic and GMO turkey. Look at this, you guys. It got dried egg whites. I love the chicken livers in there. There’s so much better nutrition and chicken livers. It’s got the natural flavor, but they all do. It’s got no credit. Oil, in fact, that has salmon oil, which is great for kids.

This is this is top notch. You know, it’s interesting. Look at this. The pristine is a buck sixty nine for 10 cents cheaper. You to get this, which is very similar. But look, it’s not organic chicken or organic protein, so not terrible ingredients. But get that all day, I’m pretty sure you can buy that in bulk. And it’s going to be cheaper than what if you go for something in the tin here, kind of like I’m Janek’s, right. I want to check and I want to have our Malcolm X, Malcolm X, please deliver.

Welness Pate

So this is sort of like a Dr. Evil, their wellness, wellness, paté. Let’s take a look. So it’s not organic chicken, which is not necessarily a deal. Killer cranberries. Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to do your hat? This is pretty decent, you guys. Besides the fact that it’s not organic, this is really, really clean. Look at this. Oh, my gosh.

This looks like the same company who makes the tuna the pole in line. It’s the same company and the can is almost the same. They make really, really good tuna. They make tuna cap fluid and tuna and the salmon catch with. Oh, my God, that is crazy. I don’t know how it tastes. Let’s see the ingredients here. I thought made with tuna salmon, sunflower oil and then everything else is good.

But also the salmon isn’t a wild caught necessarily on the say that here does it? I say no, it doesn’t say wild cup of the sunflower oil is a deal killer. Now, like I said, we’re shopping at Whole Foods with slightly better than like a PetSmart. But my friends, anytime you see a pet food or cat food or dog food with a processed plant, oil like sunflower, safflower oil, put it back.

Oats, corn and soy

If you see greens in there, like oats, corn, soy, wheat or gluten, put it back. Those are not good for any of the animals. Notice how none of these have that. They have like fiber rich stuff like spinach and flax seed and stuff like that. Here we go. Organics once again, they make it in the ten year organics is probably one of the best ones.

I’m seeing you guys super, super clean. Yep. Fantastic. But what about dry? So obviously these are going to be great from organics. This is a wellness core, protein rich. Let’s see the ingredients. So it is not organic or non GMO, but look at that. Chicken’s good turkey meal. I’m cool with. See, you’re getting fiber from peas, you’re getting fiber from the vegetables in there.

It’s got cranberries and added vegetables. That’s really good stuff. We got pores, whole pours, grain free. Very nice chicken recipe. It’s not organic once again, but if it’s not organic, it’s not a deal killer. And the other ingredients garbanzos with fiber in their flax seeds, more fiber.

You’re not seeing any of the corn or soy or garbage in there. I looked for the quick a lot of the stuff online, like a PetSmart is going to be fortified with soybean up the protein and other simple starches, carbohydrates, grains that you don’t want to put in your pets body. So that’s good. Even something like this, the whole Pausa. Wet food, it’s not going to be organic, but look at the ingredients.

You don’t see any nasty carrageenan or sunflower oil in there. No, I was surprised over in the refrigerator case here. This is dog food.

It seems like it’s all made by this nature is fresh here, but it’s not organic and it seems like all of them have carrageenan, inflammatory, really bad for the gut of humans and animals. And this one is not like it’s a mixed salmon and white fish.

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The problem is this one has the carrageenan and it has sunflower oil really, really, really bad. So very, very interesting stuff. You just read the other ingredients and you quickly see the really good ones from the really bad ones. It’s very, very similar to searching for human food in the grocery store. How about snacks and showiest?

I’m telling you, these guys from Pristine are crushing the game, grass fed beef jerkies. So it’s almost like human quality. Look at this ingredients. Just grass fed beef cultured skim milk. Mixteco ferals, which is an antioxidant and vitamin E preservative, totally cool. And it’s 100 percent grass fed, non GMO grain free. That’s great because a lot of these will usually use mystery meat and bad quality items like I just saw this.

This is real, the bison flavor, but it’s made with tapioca starch, a simple carbohydrate, not great for the animal’s stomach and sunflower oil highly processed. So not something you’d want this still way better. Organics makes these look at this organic peanut butter flavor cookies. Now, this is going to be a case where there might be some more grains in here. Yeah, look, there is brown rice, there is oats and there are organic oats and organic barley.

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