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Can I buy a house with Bitcoin?

We all know that Bitcoin is an online, digital, decentralized payment network. We can no longer call crypto and blockchain a new technology since it has been around the corner for more than a decade now. Infamous for its volatile nature, it is slowly gaining popularity across the globe. The use cases of Bitcoin, or in that case of any other cryptocurrency is slowly breaking the realms of simple automated crypto-trading through software such as, investment purposes or just hoarding them for later usage. In recent times, you can do a lot with Bitcoin but let us face this question – can you buy a house with it? 

Taxation concerning assets bought in cryptocurrencies: 

Cryptocurrencies are erratic. Most of us have already understood that there is more gain in investing in crypto, that is, through buying and selling it than simply trying to replace fiat currencies with it. That might be a long-term goal of crypto but people right now are looking for profits. Taxation on these gains varies from one country to another. For instance, in the USA, similar to stocks, crypto qualifies as a capital asset and the International Revenue Service has decided to assess every transaction and calculate it as capital gains tax. 

Once you buy an asset, the capital gain will depend on when you sell it. So, there are short-term and long-term capital gains, which depend on how long you hold onto an asset before finally making a profit out of it. Now the amount which will fall under the capital gains tax is also dependent on one’s income tax bracket and various costs that have gone behind the asset throughout ownership. 

You are almost there-

So can you buy yourself a house with Bitcoin? Yes, you can! 

It is just that both the parties have to come to a mutual agreement as far as crypto is concerned. And lastly, you should check whether your insurance and escrow companies accept payments in crypto or not. If all of these boxes are checked there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to buy a house with Bitcoin. Let us now very briefly run through its pros and cons. 

Advantages of paying through Bitcoin- 

  • Investing in something through Bitcoin is always a good idea. This is simply because cryptocurrencies are volatile and fluctuate way higher than what fiat currencies would. So, you use Bitcoin to buy a more secured asset. 
  • It wouldn’t be a surprise if the person who is selling you their asset is themself a crypto investor. In that case, they might even offer you a slightly lower price for the asset, provided they are confident that they will later earn profit through the Bitcoin you give him. 
  • The most important advantage is cutting off all the intermediary hurdles of buying an asset through traditional means. There are no middlemen, no banks, but only two parties completing a successful transaction. 

Disadvantages of paying through Bitcoin- 

  • One con that is recurring in terms of Bitcoin is the fact that it is volatile. Most sellers want to avoid any kind of uncertainty which is why they are a bit wary about accepting payment in Bitcoin. 
  • People in the larger picture are yet to figure out the entire ball game of cryptocurrencies. They are often scared of its obscure quality. On top of that most companies don’t want to go out of the traditional means of making an agreement. 
  • The sellers of these assets are often confused about Bitcoin. Though there are exceptions, in most cases, if you are looking for sellers, you always have to ask them separately. It is also true that most home websites are yet to introduce crypto as a separate listing. 


The bottom line is that you can go ahead with buying your house with Bitcoin, once you are thorough with all the processes, technicalities, and its pros and cons.  


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