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What is a Crypto Wallet?

A crypto wallet is not a traditional physical case that holds your money. Going by its name itself, it is clear that crypto wallets hold digital currencies called cryptocurrencies in them. Let us first understand the basics of crypto wallets and then delve deeper.

The Basics

A crypto wallet is a digital wallet. Users through these wallets can store, as well as control their Bitcoin, Etherium, or whatever cryptocurrency they own. A crypto wallet felicitates the transfer of cryptocurrency and also converts crypto back into fiat currency. It stores the necessary private keys that are required to access your coins and thus keeps your crypto protected and accessible. 

The different kinds of Crypto Wallets

The range of how you want to handle your cryptocurrencies is varying in nature. While the easiest option might turn out to be the best one, when it is crypto, you must know how to balance between ease of access and security. Here are 3 main kinds of crypto wallets: 

  • Paper wallets 

The private keys without which you would not be able to access your wallet are written on a piece of paper and set aside securely. It is the easiest method of handling your keys, but you cannot do much with it in itself because while the working of crypto is entirely online in nature, this is simply an offline method of storage of credentials. 

  • Hardware wallets

Private keys in this case are externally stored in computer hardware drive devices. Whenever you want to operate your cryptocurrencies, all you have to do is connect the device to your computer and then start with managing your wallet. Hardware wallets are the middle grounds for crypto safety and ease of access. 

  • Online wallets 

The most used, online wallets offer a range of accessibilities that are missing from the previous two kinds of wallets. Here, keys are secured in an application or in online software that manages your wallet and completes all sorts of tasks involving crypto. The working of online crypto wallets can be compared to that of any online banking system. However, it is prone to fraudsters and hackers since the entire thing is online. This is a reason why you should look for two-step encryption in wallet software. 

How do you set up your online Crypto Wallet? 

The process of registering for an online wallet is free of cost and is done on the internet. It is similar to any online account-creating process where you must register using an email ID and password. Let us understand this method with the help of 3 easy steps: 

  1. For creating a crypto wallet, register using your authentic email address and password. Your wallet will be managed using these credentials, so you have to verify the details by signing in to your mail. 
  2. With the completion of step 1, you are officially an owner of a blockchain wallet. You will be assigned a wallet ID that will be unique, just like a bank account number. 
  3. You are ready to access your wallet by either signing into the blockchain wallet website or by downloading a trusted mobile software. You will be shown your current balance in crypto and also the details of your recent transactions there. 

By using crypto wallets, handling your cryptocurrencies will become easier than ever. You can also secure some amount of crypto for trading purposes. Software like offers automatic monitoring of the financial market and trades or invests the right amount for you. 


To wrap it all up, a crypto wallet can come to great use for you when managing your digital assets, controlling them, and browsing through cryptocurrencies is concerned. The issue of security is also important since along with all other aspects, you should care the most about your asset’s safety and security. Wallets come with various pros and cons and it is a matter of time until you select your preferred one.  


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