Coffee with marijuana leaf top view
Coffee with green marijuana leaf top view

4 Ways To Make Homemade Cannabis Coffee

Coffee and cannabis have been said to have a unique, intimate relationship. It’s a powerful bond of sweetness, high and enhanced flavor. It’s no surprise that most men have made cannabis coffee a daily morning ritual. If you’re a lover of coffee and cannabis, then this article is for you. Also, if you love cannabis and don’t mind trying out something new, read on. 

Studies and reports have not revealed any danger in taking a blend of coffee and cannabis. Cannabis coffee is fast becoming the favorite pick-me-up drink in many homes today. It’s a powerful day starter. It also works well for nightwalkers who want a night filled with laughter and body tingling.

Cannabis CoffeeMaking cannabis coffee isn’t difficult, but it isn’t as simple as making plain coffee. There are also many ways to make homemade cannabis coffee.

There are two significant categories of cannabis coffee recipes.

  • Making a cannabis infusion and adding it to brewed coffee
  • Direct infusion of cannabis into the coffee beans

Either way, the goal is to get the activated cannabis into the coffee or vice versa. This is an easy way to get the best of both worlds of coffee and cannabis.

In most cases, cannabis infusion is added to a brewed coffee because the other method may be more time-consuming. The process of infusing cannabis into a brewed coffee starts with the decarboxylation of cannabis.

Taking raw cannabis does not get you high. That’s because heat is needed to carry out the process called decarboxylation. That’s the process responsible for converting the inactive cannabinoid to the active one. So, you start by grinding your cannabis. Ensure that you don’t grind it too fine. The goal is to get them to become like rice grains. Then preheat your oven to 230 degrees and place the cannabis pieces on a tray at the center of the oven for heat to carry out the activation process. 

cannabisHere are some standard cannabis infusions that can make cannabis coffee at home. You need this knowledge to make top-notch homemade cannabis coffee. 

Infusion of cannabis into butter, oils, and milk

Cannabis is fat-soluble, easily blending with oils and full cream milk. The process of infusion is simple, even though it will take some time and effort. First, you place your milk, oil, or butter in your slow cooker and allow it to warm up or melt. After about 25 minutes, add your cannabis to the slow cooker and allow it to simmer. Stir occasionally at 30-minute intervals for 3 hours. Then, strain the cannabis with a mesh strainer. Then transfer the cannabis infusion into a container. 

If it’s cannabis butter you made, store it in a refrigerator. At the same time, cannabis oils are good at room temperature.

Cannabis Infusion in Sugar

This process is slightly different from the infusion of cannabis into oils and milk. Here, you have to make an alcohol tincture. In this tincture, you will soak your sugar. All you need to do is put the heated cannabis pieces (decarboxylated cannabis) into a jar with a good lid. Then add grain alcohol to it, place the lid, and screw it tightly down. Shake the jar thoroughly, and within 30 minutes, the cannabinoids will have been extracted. Then, you strain the cannabis grains to extract the liquid into a bowl.

The final step is to add white sugar in a spoonful into the bowl of liquid cannabinoid extracts and keep stirring till you get the feel of a wet sandy beach. Then, place in a preheated oven (at 200 degrees) to allow all the alcohol to evaporate.  Store the cannabis-infused sugar at room temperature. 

Four Cannabis Coffee Recipes You Should Try

Now that you know how to make cannabis infusions let’s talk about our selected four recipes. 

Bulletproof Coffee with Cannabutter

This is the go-to recipe for individuals who live on a keto diet. So all you need to do is to include cannabis-infused butter or coconut oil in your bulletproof coffee. 

Coffee with WeedCoffee with Weed (Flat Weed)

Here you combine a few spoons of your cannabis-infused milk and regular milk with two shots of espresso and coffee in a perfect blend.  

Cannabis Frappe

For this cannabis frappe recipe, you include a cannabis-infused simple syrup, a few cubes of ice, milk, and coffee in a blender. It’s an easy way to blend your way to a significant high and all-day excitement. 

Coffee The Old-Fashioned Way

Here, you use cannabis-infused sugar as your preferred sweetener for your automatic coffee maker. So, your coffee is ready just at the time you put off the alarm. 


Coffee The Old-Fashioned WayAnother common way to make cannabis coffee is through the Infusion of Cannabis pulp into the coffee. Cannabis pulp is the leftover after making cannabis butter. Put it inside a tea ball and steep it in your coffee in the mug.

You can also use cannabis oil powder or Cannabis concentrates to make homemade cannabis coffee. 


There is no hard and fast rule for making cannabis coffee. It all boils down to your preference, taste, and creativity. We have given you four recipes here. Feel free to try them out while putting on your creativity cap. It’s time to get the high you desire while staying stimulated and excited about life!

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