What are the best long-lasting wax melt? – Expert’s guide

Wax melts are great for adding a little bit of ambiance and can make a remarkable evening out of an unremarkable one. Personalised wax melt hampers can fill your room with your desired scent and the great part is they last longer than candles – they can last twice as long as normal candles. Even among wax melts, you can still apply the saying, “Not all men are born equal”, in our case, it’ll be not all wax melts we’re made equal. That’s why in today’s guide, I’ll be introducing you to some of the best long-lasting wax melt.

What are wax melts?

Wax melts can be defined as wick-less scented wax that releases a fragrance that smells nice, are enjoyable, and can last for hours as they gently melt in a warmer. With wax melts, you buy wax melts separately from the burners and each can give you long hours of burn time.

What’s the difference between wax melts and candles?

Candles and wax melts seem as though they are more similar than different, right? Wax melts may look just like candles but they are really different and I’ll tell you why.

With candles, you have the wick, wax, and vessel all in one while with wax melts, you’ll combine a wax melt, wax burner, and tea light candle. In that light, wax melts can be seen as a deconstructed candle. Unlike candles, wax melts are eco-friendly and can be easily reused.

What are the best long-lasting wax melts?

As I earlier said, “not all wax melts are made equal” some last longer than others. In this section, you’ll find some of the best long-lasting wax melts.

Witchy Crystal wax melts

Do you believe in astrology? If you do then this is one wax melt you’ll enjoy. These wax melts were tarot-inspired and each melt is made to represent a tarot card, cool right? I thought so too.

The most sold witchy crystal wax melts is the “The sun” and the reason for that isn’t difficult to guess. It’s mostly because the sun represents success and happiness which makes it great for a happy home. Asides from that, this wax melt has a sweet smell that was created from flowers, apples, and pear which gives it that bright summer’s day smell.

Winter snap bar wax melts 

Do you love the smell of citrus? Even if you don’t, you just might love this one. The winter wax melts create a beautiful fusion of citrus lemon and orange, followed by a warming clove, cinnamon, and ginger. That’s just some of the ingredients used, other ingredients include pine and floral jasmine.

If you want a long-lasting wax melt then you should purchase this one. Why? Because it lasts an average of 30 hours and that’s really long if you ask me.

Sparkling snow snap bar wax

This amazing wax melt is made from ingredients like eucalyptus, lush galbanum, and citrus nuances.

This wax melt was made with the highest fragrance which means that your room gets to stay scented for a long time but for how long? How does lasting over 30 hours sound to you? That’s great right? Yeah, this particular product lasts over 30 hours.

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