Toyota RAV4 in the Snow

Can You Drive the Toyota RAV4 in the Snow?

If you are living in an area where there is snow, you need a car that can manage snowy conditions. After all, nobody wants to buy a car that only serves its purpose on certain days. Unfortunately, not all vehicles are capable of handling snow.

If you have an all-wheel-drive, you may think you are safe. However, not all all-wheel-drives can handle snow effectively—unless you are driving a Toyota RAV4. This compact SUV makes an excellent choice for winter driving, thanks to its features that truly stand out among the rest.

Read on to discover why the Toyota RAV4 fares so well in winter driving.

Is the Toyota RAV4 made for off-roading?

With its ability to tackle snow better than any other crossover SUV, you might think that the Toyota RAV4 is made for the snow—it is not. In fact, it was only a few years ago that this vehicle was remodeled to suit adventuring over mere daily commutes. Today, the revolutionary variant of the Toyota RAV4 comes with an all-wheel drive system that allows it to handle difficult terrain and adventuring situations, including snow.

The new Toyota RAV4 offers more than an exciting driving experience during the winter. No matter how thick the snow is or how steep the surface you need to climb, this SUV feels confident and well-planted enough to make you feel secure. You will also find it amazing how it can effortlessly power itself up over a snowbank and how it can handle even the snowiest conditions—sometimes even better than a real off-roader. Don’t be confused, as even the base trims of the new Toyota RAV4 can tackle snowy driving conditions, thanks to its unrivaled features. Plus, you can enhance its performance with SUV camping accessories, which you can find right here, making it even more capable in the midst of a snowstorm.

Why is the Toyota RAV4 great for snow driving?

It is no secret that the Toyota RAV4 makes an ideal family car, but not everyone knows that it is just as good when used in the snow. Loaded with family-friendly features, this SUV also comes with technologies that make it an effective vehicle for snow driving, including the lane departure warning and lane keeping assist. Both systems allow the Toyota RAV4 to stay on its lane when it tends to drift out of it or go off the road—two situations that normally happen when the road is snowy and slippery.

Unlike most vehicles in its segment, the Toyota RAV4 also has a multi-terrain select driving feature that lets you choose your driving mode depending on the condition of the road you are driving on. This is very important when driving in the snow, where driving conditions are different from when the road is dry. With this feature, you can choose among different modes—dirt, sand, rock, mud, and snowy—so your RAV4 can customize its performance based on the surface you are taking on. Since all Toyota RAV4 models have this feature, it means your Toyota RAV4 can handle snow very well even if it is just an entry-level model. Check out the even more complete Toyota RAV4 review about this feature from the Car Expert.

Another safety feature of this SUV that makes it capable of handling snow is its hill descent assist, which helps you go over snow-filled paths with so much ease. More commonly known as the Toyota’s Downhill Assist System, this feature prevents your vehicle from sliding down when descending a slippery slope. While the Toyota RAV4 is not designed for off-road conditions, you can trust that your vehicle can let you descend a hill at controlled speeds during the winter without worrying about the possibility of gliding. With this feature, you can focus on your steering while your RAV4’s Downhill Assist controls your speed while the vehicle passes through downward slippery surfaces.

But what if you come across a gigantic snowdrift along the road? Well, the Toyota RAV4 is also capable of handling that. Since this compact SUV has a ground clearance of as much as 8.6 inches, you can trust that your vehicle can go over such snowdrifts without a hassle. Moreover, this vehicle is equipped with all-terrain wheels that allow it to tackle even the most challenging surfaces without losing its grasp on the road.

And would you believe that even the interior of the Toyota RAV4 can be customized to provide comfort when driving in the snow? Like any Toyota, this SUV has heated front seats that help keep you warm when it gets too cold outside. You even have the option of getting a heated steering wheel to keep your hands warm while driving!

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