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Can You Find A Job Through A Job Agency?

Why People Use a Job Agency to Look For Jobs

Your company needs to hire a new employee to help with a specific project. They do not have a qualified team to do the talent acquisition process, so the other choice is to seek the expertise of acquisition from a job agency. The work of a data recruitment agency is to connect job seekers with organizations looking for employees.

When a company tells a recruitment agency such Team Global, that they have a vacancy, they give the details about the job description and the job agency advertises the vacancy. Job seekers then send their applications, and after the agency goes through the applications, they pick the suitable candidate for the advertised position.

1. Can a company use a recruitment agency when they have an internal recruitment team?

An internal acquisition team has a better understanding of the organization, and they can make a better choice of the best candidate. However, these people have other duties assigned to them by the company. Getting involved with the recruitment process means that they will first keep their current work aside and concentrate on the new task.

The recruitment process can take even a month, meaning the company’s goals might not be achieved as planned. Although using the internal recruitment team might look cheap, it might be more expensive than a job agency because of the extra costs that were not initially accounted for.

2. Are there advantages of using a recruitment agency?

 Hiring new staff is a serious task that needs to be undertaken with seriousness. This means that there will be a lot of time spent on this process. One significant advantage of using an employment agency is that you save a lot on your time. When another firm does recruitment work, your staff can concentrate on other tasks that contribute to achieving the company’s goal.

Giving the recruitment process to a recruiting agency also gives you confidence that you will get a qualified employee because the agency has enough experience in recruiting. Recruitment agencies receive many applications whenever they advertise a job. When your company seeks help in finding an employee with certain skills, the job agency will get one fast from their extensive talent pool.

Due to the many applications they get, recruitment agencies will help your company get a hard-to-find candidate quickly. The candidates hired by recruitment agencies are of high quality because agencies have the expertise and experience of matching companies with their desired employees.

3. What are the costs and risks of working with an inexperienced recruitment agency?

Working with an employment agency to get an employee comes with many advantages. However, this only happens if you use the right agency. If you make a rash decision and choose a recruitment agency that is not competent, you might only land the wrong agency. These agencies have little or no experience in selecting the right candidate for you, and they might hurry the recruitment process, choosing an incompetent candidate for you.

Using the wrong recruitment agency might force you to redo the entire process again by conducting interviews, which might cost you more. Also, when an incompetent employee comes to your company, you will have a lot of time wasted to make them cooperate, making it hard to achieve your goals.

Although you can receive a refund from the recruitment agency if this happens, it still means that you will take a lot of time to find a replacement, which is against your plans.

4. Recruitment agencies to use for SMEs

SMEs are at higher risks of falling for wrong recruitment agencies. Working with an employment agency is costly, which becomes challenging for SMEs because they have fewer resources. Every business is competing for talent, so it is essential to take the hiring process seriously. If you are an owner of an SME, consider the following when looking for an agency.

  1. Work with a job agency that is ready to understand your company’s both short and long-term goals.
  2. The agency should be willing to give quality service and go through each recruitment stage.
  3. The agency should be willing to represent themselves as part of the firm so that the applicants can get the real image.

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