What Causes Paraphimosis & What are its Treatments in Bangalore?

Paraphimosis is a serious medical condition that can affect men of any age.  Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which a surgeon removes the foreskin of the penis. In case of paraphimosis, the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis and it cannot be pulled back over the tip of the penis. Due to this, the foreskin becomes swollen that may slow down or stop the blood flow to the tip of the penis. Here, the timely and effective treatment becomes necessary as paraphimosis may cause several other serious complications.

Usually, most people confuse paraphimosis and phimosis as the same. But they are two different conditions that affect the foreskin. Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin does not pull back from the tip of the penis. Usually, phimosis affects baby boys the most. But the foreskin starts retracting with time, especially by the time the baby boys cross the age of 3. Phimosis is a common condition that goes away on its own. However, paraphimosis is a serious condition which demands immediate medical intervention.

Causes of Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis occurs due to several reasons, especially when the foreskin gets stuck behind the head of the penis. When it gets stuck there for a long period of time, the penis gets swell and the foreskin gets trapped behind it. This makes the foreskin not be able to come back to its natural position easily.

There are several other factors that contribute to the development of paraphimosis. This includes the following:

  • Penile piercing
  • Vigorous sexual activities
  • Physical trauma to the genital area
  • Foreskin that is tighter than normal
  • A circumcision that was not completed correctly
  • Swelling in the penis or foreskin due to insect bite
  • Use of constricting penile ring to enhance erection by compression
  • Having infection due to various reasons such as poor personal hygiene
  • Diabetes also causes paraphimosis as it causes chronic inflammation in the penis or foreskin
  • Scars due to repeated infection of the foreskin or by forceful retraction of the foreskin in baby boys

Paraphimosis Treatment In Bangalore

Visiting a urologist is extremely important if you are suffering from paraphimosis. However, it is extremely important for you to measure all the pros and cons before undergoing paraphimosis treatment by any doctor, or at any hospital or clinic in Bangalore. The urologist in Bangalore will recommend proper treatment for your problem after performing physical examination, some tests as well as check-ups.

Paraphimosis needs immediate medical intervention as it can potentially cause other serious complications such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). At the beginning of the treatment, your doctor may prescribe medications and topical ointments to soften your foreskin tissue. This will soften your foreskin making it able to retract easily. However, if none of the above probes to be effective in treating paraphimosis, or if your condition has become severe then circumcision is recommended.

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which your foreskin is removed from the penis. Circumcision is done either with open surgery or with the laser. Laser circumcision is a modern and advanced way of performing circumcision that is available in Bangalore now. This is considered as the best and permanent solution of paraphimosis and other foreskin related conditions. Therefore, undergoing laser circumcision is the best decision you can make.

To get your laser circumcision done easily and smoothly, you can contact Pristyn Care in Bangalore. Laser circumcision in Bangalore is done using most advanced medical technology and equipment. You will be treated by the hands of super specialist surgeons who have been conducting laser surgeries for more than 10 years.

Pristyn Care in Bangalore ensures that your experience right from the discovery of the right doctor, to booking an appointment at the clinic, booking tests at diagnostic centers, getting a detailed diagnosis done, getting insurance paperwork done, pick-up and drop services on the day of the surgery, admission and discharge processes at the hospital, and follow-up consultations after the surgery, is hassle-free and care-filled.

We highly recommend you to contact Pristyn Care in Bangalore to get the best treatment for your paraphimosis. Your whole treatment procedure at Pristyn Care will be an absolutely seamless surgical experience.

Advantages of Laser Circumcision At Pristyn Care In Bangalore

Circumcision is practiced globally due to its various health benefits. It prevents phimosis and balanoposthitis and decreases the risk of urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. There are several other benefits of getting laser circumcision done at Pristyn Care clinics or hospitals in Bangalore. This includes the following.

  • Painless
  • Bloodless
  • No scars
  • No wounds
  • No stitches
  • No side effects
  • No pain during sex
  • No effect on fertility
  • Can take bath next day
  • Zero chance of infection
  • Daily dressing not required
  • Short and precise procedure
  • Least or no planning required
  • Resume daily routine next day
  • Apply ointment only for 5 days
  • Takes 10-15 minutes to complete
  • Same day admission and discharge
  • Sex or masturbation after 3-4 weeks
  • No rest at hospital or home required
  • Permanent treatment of foreskin related problems
  • Minimizes the risk of penile cancer in men and cervical cancer in women

We hope that you are now well informed about the causes and the best treatment of paraphimosis, now it is easier for you to make an informed decision about where you should go for your paraphimosis treatment in Bangalore.

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