Challenges for leather shoes makers

Leather footwear making industry is a most important industry for any economy especially for the high populated countries were leather is produced in large quantity. It pays a significant role in the developed of exports of leather shoes as well as furnished raw material.

In this complex and fast environment, the leather shoe making industry and shoe makers faces several challenges. These challenges may vary from country to country as per their government policies and working conditions.

The most significant challenges are production and supply chain costs, quality and quantity of raw material as well as availability of raw material, poor workmanship and time managements and multifaceted consumer expectations. Some other factor also be included in challenges which may arises with time beings.

Key Challenges for leather shoe makers:

Following are some challenges for leather shoe makers.

Quality of raw materials

Raw material is one of the important parts of any production its quality also matters the quality of whole product. Similarly in leather shoe making industry raw material as leather is a most important feature of leather shoes. Low quality and cheaper leather means that inferior quality, which results negative impact on the whole production.

More than fifty percent quality issues accounts to the leather as a raw material. Leather which is used for leather shoes making is skins, textiles. Plastic (Polymers), hides and rubber. Shortcoming in the raw material (Leather) are holes and tears in the skins and fabrics, bubbles in the polymers, color differences, dirt, growth, stains marks, scratches and veins on the leather.

Poor workmanship and time Management

Behind the poor workmanship and time management issues there may several reason and factor. Shoe making is highly labor intensive process which leads numerous human errors and omission in the shoes. Some chelseabootsmaker also faces lack of experience expertise to manufacture their shoes. Tight shipping deadline also is key challenges for leather shoes makers.

Customer’s multifaceted expectations

Now a days to compete the competitor leather shoes manufactures and brands have to offers excellent values to their customers. Fashion requirement and need i.e. style, comfort, and versatility also have to take into consideration. Customers are expected to receive identically fit and sized shoes to meet their comfort levels. Ensuring a good fit to customers became more challenging in this E-commerce era where shoes are being orders online.

The environmental impacts on leather shoe makers

Machinery and different chemical which is used in shoe production required a large quantity of fossil fuels that produces greenhouse gasses when burned. These greenhouse gases leave harmful impact on the environment. Numerous other harmful chemical can easily leaked into waters courses when it’s discharged from shoe making industries.

Other challenges

Many other challenges also effecting the leather shoe makers. For example chinses shoe industry dominates the global shoe making industry due its low cost production factors. Some other challenges are lack of financial assistance, lack of technology, influence of international organization, inadequate investments, different government policies and natural disaster like Corona virus.


It is not easy for leather shoe makers to work and compete its competitor as well as to satisfy its customers. Leather shoe makers have to face many different challenges to fulfil the market demands. Shoe industry pays a highly contribution to the economy. Many government are trying to reduce these challenges through different policies and law. International organization are also providing different training and awareness program to shoe making industry.

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