The Top 5 Practices When Using Peer To Peer (P2P) Texting

Peer-to-peer texting services are the new mobile marketing and fundraising strategy for nonprofits. Think of it as texting has gone social – or think of it as text messaging has gone viral. With a few clicks, you can send out as many as 500 messages at a time for free through these services. Peers can receive your messages without being charged for anything. The best part? Peers only send you back a message if they want to talk to you. Peer 2 Peer SMS is an easy way to connect with your donors, influence your supporters and make the world a better place. Even the best marketers and fundraisers agree. Peer to Peer SMS is the new mobile fundraising tool of choice.

Below are the top 5 practices for using peer-to-peer texting for your fundraising or campaign efforts.

Be prepared for a lot of engagement

Because messages from a peer are complimentary, people are likely to respond with questions and requests for more information. Your organization needs a plan for how and how you will respond to these questions and requests.

Create a great marketing plan

Before you use peer-to-peer texting for your fundraising needs, you need to determine if your campaign or cause meets the criteria of being social. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to socially driven causes. Marketing and the visual element of text messaging are critical to the success of your social cause. Your organization needs an integrated marketing plan to create a marketing message, digital media assets, and a website.

Create a fun fundraising app

You need to convince your peers that your cause is worthy and necessary. Social messages are easy to share and forward to friends, family members, or other supporters. Use creative messaging for social reasons, such as ‘Share the Love’ for your charitable campaign. Your organization can create special messaging that will motivate readers to donate and share the message with their social network.

Social allows your organization to ask your supporters for help

  • You can tailor your social media message to ask your peers for specific actions.
  • You could ask them to visit a website and donate online or share a message or link with their family and friends.
  • You can also permit them to download unique apps that will keep them updated on the progress of your campaign or cause.

Remember that peer-to-peer texting is a conversation

When you are designing your text message, you need to make sure that your message gets designed to take your reader through the entire journey of your campaign or cause. Think of it like a conversation or a story. You also do not want to provide too much information in one text message. You will want to write longer messages that you must send out in multiple parts. Think of these messages as chapters in your campaign story.


If you are looking to drive more support for your nonprofit or cause, Peer To Peer (P2P) Texting strategies are an effective fundraising method. The best part is that it is free and easy to use with a few mouse clicks.

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