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Coffee table & accent table chairs to save your boring living room style

Relaxing ergonomic chairs from  Ergo Tune is the perfect chair for a appealing and relaxing living room. Whether you are relaxing on your sofa, watching TV with your family, entertaining friends, or gossiping with guests you will mostly use your living room space every single day. The living room serves a lot of functions. Some of the people have formal living space while some use the space for their children’s playroom, family room, or TV room. For whatever purpose you are using your living space for, decorating a room that is appealing and inviting is the perfect key to making the most of it.

In this guide, you will learn how to organize your boring living room most effectively and appealingly.

  1. Focus on the center of attention: Finding a room’s center of attraction is a great place to start designing your living space. Many homes will have at least one major focal point of interest in their living space that will be the first thing everyone will notice while entering the room. So you should consider creating a center of your living space around this main feature.
  2. Make a center: Whether it’s a coffee table, an accent chair set, or an ottoman, your living space must have a noticeable center. In case your living room is a bigger one, you can incorporate multiple focal points like a coffee table at one end and an additional seating area with an accent chair & accent table at the other end.

If you are looking to buy coffee tables then do not forget to browse the amazing collection of various styles of coffee tables on our website. After all, the coffee table is known as the best anchor of your living space, making a beautiful design statement and serving as the perfect focal point.

How to choose accent chairs for your living room

Accent chairs give extra seating, style, color, and a beautiful charm to any living space. When shopping for accent chairs, you should always keep a few things in your mind. Take advantage of the following handy tips for making an inviting living room with perfect accent chairs.

  • Try to select the chair which is comfortable for almost everyone, from the 6-foot tall person to 5-year-old children.
  • Always remember to measure the space where you will place them for the greatest impact.
  • Make sure that it will complement your existing living room decor and color scheme.
  • Consider the fabric of the chair. Either you can choose your favorite color or pattern Or you can stay neutral so that it can stand out anywhere in your house.
  • Another important factor to take into consideration is the leg style. So selecting a leg style that shows your personal style is the perfect route to go. If you want to go for a modern or contemporary look, you can choose a sleek and plain leg. For a traditional look, the carved or turned leg style will go well.

How to choose an accent table for your living room

Accent tables are the perfect furniture pieces to accessorize a living room. They are also known by different names such as side tables, consoles, end tables, etc. Choosing the right accent table can be a daunting task so we have compiled the following tips for you.

  • When selecting accent tables, focus on their tone and shape so that it complements your existing decor. They add depth and contrast to your living room especially if your interior has a wooden or metallic theme.
  • When buying accent tables, keep in mind the use of it. The purpose of an accent table varies on the location of the table in the room.
  • Accent tables come in a huge variety of shapes so you can also mix and match a few different configurations to add a style to your living space.
  • If space-saving is your priority then you can add accent tables that have drawers or open shelves so that you can keep your everyday items like remote controls, books, newspapers, magazines in them.
  • Size and shape matter. If the size of the accent tables is out of proportion then the room will give an oddly out-of-shape look. When considering the shape of the accent tables, think about how you want your living room to behave. Various shapes of accent tables deliver various characteristics to accompanying furniture, so think about the theme and flow of your living room before locating the accent tables.
  • Go for scaled pieces: Another important factor of making a happening living room is to create a balance by selecting scaled pieces. If you are looking for a balanced atmosphere, choose pieces that are different in size and height and balance out each other perfectly. You are advised to place the bigger pieces first in the room then place the smaller ones around the furniture decor.
  • Add texture and dimension: Adding texture and dimension will add a visual appearance and interest to your living room. While selecting the decorative items are mainly the last things to choose for a space, selecting the best ones can be the biggest hurdle. Make height and depth for your living space by adding decorative items, photos, mirrors to the walls, and artwork. When you are hanging wall decor items or the wall, remember to check the height from the wall edge and the ceiling, it’s perfect to put the decor piece at eye level and centered.


That’s all folks. We hope this guide has helped you in making your living space balanced and comfortable. Understand what your living room needs and decorate the space smartly to reflect your classic sensibilities.

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Happy shopping!

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