Combine Two or More PDF Files Online


 The process of combining two or more PDF files online is not hard to do with the right PDF splitter. PDF splitters can also let users combine PDF files with no limits on how many files they can combine. The process can vary between different PDF editing programs but the process typically follows the same pattern. Users must open the dedicated merging, splitting or combining function on their program’s browser and then carry out the function they wish to perform, be it merging, splitting or combining PDFs.

Merge PDF Tool

Many online PDF splitters and PDF editing programs have a dedicated tab or button for merging or combining PDF files. Users can simply select the corresponding function to begin the merging or combining process. Users may have to consult any guides or tutorials to find their program’s specific PDF splitter or merging option.

Drag and Drop

To make the process of merging and combining multiple PDF files easier, many PDF programs, like Lumin PDF, utilize a drag and drop interface. This type of feature lets users simply drag and drop the files they want to merge or combine into the browser. Afterward, users can either select the specific pages they want to combine or they can let the program merge all the uploaded files.

Rearrange The Files or Pages as Needed

While the drag and drop function is easy to use and convenient, users may require more specificity when combining several different files into one. Some programs give users this ability by letting them see the PDF file in a thumbnail or grid view. This way users can only combine or merge certain pages, without having to combine the entire document.

Click Merge PDF

In the thumbnail or grid view, users can choose the pages they want to combine or merge and then simply click the Merge or Combine button. This feature adds to the overall ease and convenience of the merge/combine function of many different online PDF splitters.

Download The PDF

Once users have selected the pages they want to merge and have made the appropriate selection, all that is left for them to do is to click the Merge button to begin the merging process. The merging process takes seconds depending on the size of the file or files, but after, users can simply download the new file and use it however they like.

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