Common Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician

irst-time parents often wonder whether to take their child to the family doctor or a pediatrician. 

When thinking about that, keep in mind that your child has their own special needs and a pediatrician is specialized in meeting them.

Below are listed some of the most common reasons to visit a pediatrician.

Newborn’s Well-Child Checkup

A newborn baby should have their health analysis done within the first week of their life. Those first few days are especially important to your baby’s health because they’re new to this world and it is important to check are they catching up with everything.

The pediatrician will examine and evaluate their health. The exam takes about 30 minutes.

Vaccines & Immunization

The immunization process is an extremely important part of your child’s development. It begins around birth and mostly ends up around the age of 18 months. The American Academy of Pediatrics has published an immunization schedule and it is advised to strictly follow it.

Annual Exams

Having an annual physical exam should be a routine. They help check the baby’s development and well-being. The pediatrician will usually check your baby’s height, weight, and appearance. If the baby isn’t growing as expected, certain measures will be incorporated to help your baby develop the right size.

Ear Infections

Everyone who’s had an ear infection knows that it can be really painful, and consequently, a much more serious condition if not treated on time.

Various studies have shown that children get ear infections much more often than adults, therefore to prevent infection from getting worse, it is advisable to seek a professional pediatrician.

Sore throat

Sore throat is another common occurrence in children. If your child experiences pain in their throat, it is a sign to go to the pediatrician because it can be strep throat or worse. If it is a bacterial infection, the doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics for treatment.

Behavioral Issues

If your child is presenting some behavioral issues, it is advised to first go see a pediatrician which will assess if those behavioral issues are normal or in need of further attention.

Nutritional advice

As we all know, children can be picky eaters. That often leaves the parent empty-handed when it comes to ideas for meals. Incorporating all the vital nutrients in your kid’s diet can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Consult with your pediatrician for advice and meal suggestions,

Virtual pediatric services in the comfort of your home

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