The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With cyber-crimes being commonplace, these days it’s extremely difficult to trust anyone on the net. Registering somewhere and undergoing KYC procedures is like leaping into the darkness – you never know what’s going to happen to your data. Exposing your personal information on the Internet is not a great idea, no matter what are the circumstances.

Not everyone is doing scams on the Internet. But it doesn’t free you from the fact that hackers conduct about 80,000 cyber-attacks daily. That is exactly why exchanging crypto anonymously should be your number one priority.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the exchange rates. Some cryptocurrency exchange websites don’t provide accurate exchange rates. Sometimes they don’t update the information on their pages.

In the cryptocurrency market, changes appear in a matter of seconds. It’s crucial to stay updated and exchange at the most profitable rates.

If you want to kick off your crypto journey in 2021, here are some of the options to consider.

Best Exchanges on the Market

Since the crypto market is highly unstable, it’s important to choose a reliable crypto exchange platform. A good crypto exchange combines such traits as:

  • Accessibility (it should be available in your country).
  • Safety (you should be able to trade anonymously).
  • Profitability (it should have low transaction fees).
  • Variability (it supports various coins and trading pairs).

There are 1000+ crypto exchanges, and getting to know each one would take ages. To make things easier for you, we outlined the top 3 popular picks when it comes to crypto exchanges.


If you are a beginner, then Coinbase is a great platform to start. The platform was created in 2012 and is based in the US. Coinbase is famous for its user-friendly interface.

You can exchange up to 64 coins on Coinbase with a daily trading volume of $19 billion. Coinbase strong sides include:

  • perfect interface for beginners;
  • over 3 million weekly visits;
  • 64 available coins.

One of the downsides of Coinbase is its fees. Coinbase fees can go as high as 4.5% depending on the market volume.


Binance is one of the best crypto exchanges for non-US residents. It supports the exchange of up to 362 coins and has the largest number of weekly visits (27,657,536). Binance has its own blockchain called the Binance Chain and its own token.

Binance takes a fee of 0.1% for a transaction. Binance fees can go as low as 0.01% if you register using a referral link and use BNB to pay the fees. Here are the main advantages of Binance:

  • low fees;
  • daily market volume that can reach over $100 billion;
  • 362 available coins;
  • the Binance app has a lite mode for beginners.

Huobi Global

Huobi Global is the platform that offers the best welcome bonuses. Upon completing your ID verification and making a $100 deposit, you will receive $40 for free.

The platform has a daily volume of over $30 billion and 1,342,816 weekly visits. Other Huobi Global’s benefits include:

  • the fee of 0.2%;
  • 332 available coins;
  • 972 exchange pairs.

While those crypto exchanges work sufficiently, they aren’t always the best options. They are centralized; this means that all the information is stored in one database.

To use them, you will have to undergo KYC verification, which requires sharing your ID info. It makes you an easy target for hackers as they can break into the system and get hold of your personal data.

Fortunately, there is a better solution. If you want to swap your tokens safely try – online cryptocurrency exchange with Godex.

How to Start Swapping Coins?

With Godex, you will be swapping your coins at the best rates. Forget about waiting ages for confirmation of your deposits. Most importantly, you don’t have to register and leave your ID information here.

To convert any of 201 available tokens on Godex, you have to do as follows:

  •  Go to
  • In the middle of the page, you will find two fields named “You Send” and “You Get”.
  • Click on the right side of the “You Send” field and choose the currency you want to swap. Do the same with the “You Get” field and choose the currency you would like to obtain.
  • Type in the amount of cryptocurrency you’re willing to exchange in the “You Send” field and click “Exchange”.
  • Fill in the “Destination address” field by entering your wallet address. Also, fill in the sender address for possible future refunds.
  • Make sure that the information you entered is correct and press the “Exchange” button once again.
  • Send your coins to the deposit address that Godex will create for you and wait for the exchange to complete.
  • After the transaction is complete, you will get the opportunity to view more details about the transaction on the “Completed” page.

In case you missed something, a 24/7 support team is always there to help you.

All transactions take 5 to 30 minutes. Exchanging crypto with Godex is the only efficient way to swap digital tokens.

Godex makes exchanging cryptocurrencies simple, fast, anonymous, and profitable.

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