Dry Eye Syndrome

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome? Its Causes and Effective Treatments

Are you tempted to rub your eyes again and again? Maybe it’s because they are drying up and the resistance makes you want to rub your eyes off your face. Yes, dry eye syndrome is a real  thing, in fact it is one of the most common eye problems that people are detecting these days. Our eyes are supposed to be well lubricated in order to stay comfortable and healthy (assuming that’s what tears are actually made for.)  These tears are responsible for saving your eyes from drying out by forming a thin layer on the surface of the eye. When your eyes don’t produce an adequate amount of tears,  there is no sufficient lubrication and that’s when you end up having a dry eye condition. The same condition happens when your tears start to dry up quickly because the tears are poor quality, they are no longer able to maintain a coat for eyes.

What causes dry eye syndrome?

Now that you have learned what exactly is a dry eye syndrome, you may as well want to know what disrupts a tear film? The increased usage of gadgets in our life comes with pros and cons. We can go on to count hundreds of pros right away like eased life, there is one big one that comes along is the disrupted filming of tears. Certain medications can also lead to the same or working at or near a construction site. The hormonal change occurring during pregnancy, using birth control pills, wearing contact lenses for longer periods of time, not blinking enough, low intake of vitamin A and so on. All these are common causes of dry eyes. It can happen at any age to anyone. Some common symptoms of dry eye are burning in eyes, pain, stringy mucus, eyes get tired too fast, irritation, feeling sand particles in eyes, blurry vision, redness, heavy eyes etc. if you feel any of these often, maybe your eyes are calling for a dry eye treatment. Suffering from this syndrome also makes a person prone to bacterial infections. The dried up surface can cause inflammation and then lead to scar on cornea. However, a dry eye condition never causes permanent vision loss. Also, with little care and right treatment, you can make all the discomfort go away.

How to take care of it?

Figuring out your condition is not enough, you have to find the right treatment as early as possible. If you are looking for a dry eye treatment, you have come to the right place. We have shared all the important information required to tackle a condition like this.

Artificial tears

Most often, people with dry eyes are advised eye drops that increase moisture in the eyes. The solution has the same composition as your tears and doesn’t really have any side effects. Consider them as artificial tears.

Dry eyes mask

Another thing that you can try iis wearing a gel mask on your eyes. It brings an immediate relief to your eyes, it reduces redness, puffiness and you can shift it on your forehead to cure a headache.

Home remedy

We have already discussed the common treatments provided by doctors for dry eye syndrome. But little home remedies never hurt. You can always try natural remedies at home.

  • Position your laptop screen or Tv, phone screen below your eye level.
  • Take breaks while working longer on screen. Make sure you close your eyes for 1 minute after every 20 minutes while working.
  • Avoid smoking at all costs.
  • Add humidity in the air when the season turns dry.

Hats all you need to know about dry eye treatment.

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