Consistency is the key to success at Kumon

Consistency is the key to success at Kumon

Most successful people say consistency is the key to success. But why so? We all set goals in our lives and create a plan to achieve them. A number of us have also started taking action as per the blueprint of the action plan. But only a few can continue to perform the same for a long time, while the others stop after a while. This sounds familiar, right?

For example, if we decide to lose weight, we need to follow a healthy diet, get up early and go for a walk every morning. We begin all these activities but have to stop due to some reason or simply lose interest. We might again remember to do it and start the whole cycle again but will not gain the desired results as there is no consistency. This is why consistency is really important.

We all might have heard the story of the Hare and the Tortoise. The story is about a slow-yet-determined tortoise that beats a speedy-but-overconfident hare in a race. With his consistency and persistence, the tortoise is able to do so. Kumon, being the best-known child learning centre in India, follows the same idealogy to be consistent in whatever we do to achieve success in it.

What makes it difficult to be consistent?

Maintaining consistency is important and we all are aware of that. But most of us struggle to do that at some point or other. If said in other words, the concept of consistency might look simple on the surface, most of us struggle to perform it practically.

One of the major reasons for our not being consistent is the number of distractions we have in our surroundings. People are not disciplined, focused or committed enough to perform an activity on a consistent basis. In today’s world, we all need instant gratification and in that desire, we fail to acknowledge that some things take time to happen. In the absence of immediate results, we don’t want to continue the actions in a long run. Nonetheless, we believe consistency is about maintaining progress over a long period of time and not about obtaining quick results.

How to Develop Consistency?

When the question arises that how consistency can be achieved, below mentioned are some simple tips that help in developing and maintaining consistency, that can ultimately lead to your success.

●       Reminders

Reminders help us remember the things that we usually forget such as commitments, goals and habits. It’s important to remind yourself about these things throughout the day. You can place reminders on the places that you must visit in your house, workplace and surroundings. These places might include mirrors, dashboards, planners and computers. A reminder app on your phone can also be helpful.

●       Correct your mistakes

Despite our best planning, mistakes can happen due to any external factors. But it’s important to learn from your mistakes and never repeat them again. Give yourself feedback on how to improve things.

●       Reward yourself even after achieving the smallest goal

Rewards give us the motivation to perform better. It is a kind of reinforcement that result in a high chance of the behaviour being repeated. Appreciating yourself makes you feel good and you want to continue that behaviour again. Kumon after school programs in India offer reward points to students performing activities, as long as they’re enrolled in our program. These rewards can further be exchanged for exciting prizes.

●       Take time to see the changes

When you try to do something new, it’s important to give yourself time to understand it completely. Instead of performing once or twice, repeat it every day. Consistency and repetition always go parallel. So when you do something repeatedly, you will start getting the desired results.

Wrapping It Up

At Kumon, we help students to be more consistent effectively and naturally. Being a modern child learning centre, we incorporate ideologies and techniques that help children be consistent in their learning and performing daily tasks. When it comes to learning, we believe being a tortoise is better than being a hare.

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