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Cool Apple Watch Bands

Cool Apple Watch Bands That You Must Try!

Is your Apple watch band too old? If yes, then my friend, it’s time for you to replace it with a new one. But with such a large variety of options available in the market, how do you know which apple watch band is perfect for you? Well, let’s make your selection process easy.

In this post, we have given some most popular apple watch bands. If you are a beginner, this is the easiest way to pick a good apple watch band. So without wasting a second, let’s move straight to the list:

Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

The Milanese bracelet is a beautiful choice for your Apple watch. It is a great choice when you want something more elegant and “high-status” than silicone and doesn’t like Apple Watch leather buckle or chunky links. The Milanese loop features a woven stainless steel design that offers a soft and comfortable touch while being sturdy.

If you want your Apple watch to look classic, you can choose stainless steel Milanese straps. The Milanese straps say it all; they have an Italian look in beautiful colors. The straps have an excellent magnetic closure that ensures that your watch strap is always securely fastened. The steel straps look even more like a classic watch band in appearance. These wristbands come in a variety of colors like silver and black.

Silicone Straps

The silicone straps are made of a rubber-like material that is very flexible and sturdy. This benefits the life of this band. What makes these straps suitable for everyone is that they feel very light and supple. So you will not get bothered by them while exercising. The material has extra air holes that provide additional ventilation during your fitness round. That way, you also have less sweat. These straps are also suitable for entering the water. These straps are one of the first choices of almost every new Apple watch buyer. So if you have recently bought an Apple watch, you can consider purchasing this Apple watch band.


  • Durable
  • Can get wet
  • High wearing comfort
  • Wide choice of colors

Nylon Straps

The woven nylon straps for the Apple Watch are other delicate straps that are great for sports. Here too, there is excellent wearing comfort. The straps are very soft and thin, so you hardly notice that you are wearing a strap on your wrist. As you can see, these straps are available in very nice colors. The nylon straps are equipped with a sturdy closure for easy and good opening and closing. These straps also ensure that your skin can breathe during your sports session. Plus, since they are made from eco-friendly material. This means you are investing in a good cause.


  • Feels soft and light
  • Fine Velcro closure
  • The woven nylon is very sturdy

Leather Watch Band

Another strap that serves perfect on both daily and special occasions. Made of genuine leather, it is available in different dark shades like brown and other bright colors such as orange. The apple watch leather buckle on each part is made of stainless steel to last as long as possible.

The black leather apple watch band is recorded as one of the most loved apple watch bands of 2020. And we are sure it will make a new record in 2021, too. If you are looking for leather watch bands in Australia, then do try this option. Plus, its cost is also very reasonable.

Final Words

So these were some of the top listed apple watch bands you can consider shopping. If you like reading this blog, then do share it with all your friends and loved ones.

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