Do Brides need to get their Gowns Cleaned before the Wedding?

Let’s face it – there may be several reasons why you may need to have your wedding gown cleaned before the big day. This can either be because you probably bought the gown off the rack, or perhaps because you would be wearing a vintage wedding gown passed down through generations in your family. Some may even be pondering about gown cleaning and wedding dress preservation because it somehow got soiled when with the seamstress for alterations. In short, there can be hundreds of reasons why you could be wondering about wedding dress cleaning and wedding dress cleaning cost. Luckily, finding a reliable wedding gown cleaning and preservation company is fairly easy if you plan in advance.

Things to consider while opting for dress cleaning and preservation

If you’ve bought a wedding gown off the rack, the dress might have been tried by several others before you. So, it’s quite obvious for you to want to get it thoroughly cleaned before the big day so that it looks its best.

If you’ve just bought a second-hand gown, we recommend laying the gown flat on an even surface and examining it thoroughly. Check places like the hemline, the armpits, and the bust line for stains. If you find one, we’d advise you not to try online DIY hacks and instead opt for professional cleaning services. The wedding dress cleaning cost depends on the condition of the gown and how deep-set the stains are.

If you are looking to wear a traditional gown – one that has been passed down generations in your family you may have to opt for wedding dress restoration prior to gown cleaning and wedding dress preservation.

Should you get the dress cleaned before or after the alterations?

Most brides lose or gain weight before their wedding, and thus, they prefer having a few alterations made to the dress before the big day. In such a case, we’d recommend having the dress cleaned prior to getting it altered. In fact, try getting it cleaned at least 3 months prior to the celebrations, so that you have ample time for the alterations.

Alternatively, if you expect the dress to need several visits to the seamstress, you might prefer having it cleaned after the alterations. Frequent visits to the seamstress can stain the garment due to makeup and perspiration or may even soil the hem. This is why, opting for professional cleaning services after all the alterations are done, makes more sense.

Where should brides get the gown cleaned and preserved?

No matter what, never send your dress to a local dry cleaner for the gown cleaning needs. Not all dry cleaners specialize in wedding gown cleaning. Moreover, some may even charge you a high wedding dress cleaning cost or may end up doing more harm to the dress – particularly if the dress is made up of delicate fabric or has lots of embellishments.

It is worth mentioning that when brides approach local dry cleaners, some of them may send the same to another dress cleaning and wedding dress preservation company. So, get rid of the middlemen and instead approach the professionals yourself. This way, you’d end up getting a better service.

Key takeaway

When looking for a reliable wedding gown cleaning company, find one that specializes in the state-of-the-art non-toxic cleaning process, and has a transparent pricing policy. If you’ve already zeroed in on the right cleaning service, you can buy a gown preservation kit to keep the gown in pristine condition from the time you have it cleaned until the big day. You can even put it in a garment bag and store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Lastly, keep the gown in a clean, temperature-controlled environment, as hot and humid conditions lead to yellowing of the gown.

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