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Do Massage Chairs Help Ease Back Pain?

Massage chairs are relatively new invention that have been getting a lot of attention because of its supposed therapeutic benefits. There is no scientific evidence that proves massage chairs can actually help with pain, but many people swear by the chair’s therapeutic properties.

Massage chairs work using electricity to stimulate muscles and provide relief from chronic pain. They can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as physiotherapy or medication, or on their own to offer an additional form of therapy to relieve chronic pain. Massage chairs use different types of technology including airbags to simulate human touch and heat packs for relaxation purposes, while some models also come equipped with speakers so users can enjoy their own choice of music while receiving a massage.

It has been estimated that Americans spend about $4 billion per year on massage chairs.

There are different massage techniques that are used when giving a massage. This all depends on who is doing the massage and how they have chosen to be trained. The earliest form of this treatment was called ‘Shiatsu’. This name means finger pressure. There are certain points on the body where gently pressing with one or more fingers produces benefits for certain ailments like headaches, heart pain and fatigue. Shiatsu was originally developed as a means of diagnosing and treating medical problems through pressure points on the body. They have been used in Japan for thousands of years.

Massage chairs are used to give good massages to the patients who are in need of them. It has been said that “no medical evidence exists to support claims that massage therapy benefits a variety of conditions, including cancer, AIDS/HIV, muscle pain, arthritis and others.” However, there have been many studies done to show the positive effects on patients who have used a massage chair.

One study of 39 women with chronic lower back pain found that after four weeks of daily 30-minute massages, more than half of the women responded positively to a questionnaire about their symptoms. The responses showed a decrease in symptoms related to low back pain, anxiety and depression. There was no control in place to see if the participants would have improved on their own.

Another study that was done included 100 patients who had arthritis of the knee. The study showed that after receiving 4-5 massages, their overall pain and stiffness were reduced by 50%. They also reported a 70% decrease in pain, and an increase in physical function of 53%.

Reduce Back Pain by Massage Chair

One of the most common sources of back pain is sitting for long periods of time. That’s where massage chairs come in! The Massage Chair reduces the pressure on the spine and other parts of your body by using a full-body massage to get rid of any tension you may have accumulated while slouching in your chair.

The Massage Chair is now available with a heat therapy option to further relax sore muscles, giving you the most comfortable chair massage possible.

Heat therapy has been known to help ease muscle tension and reduce inflammation which can be beneficial for people with chronic pain. It is recommended that if you are purchasing a massage chair that it should come equipped with heat therapy to maximize comfort.

Although massage chairs and heat therapy may not be able to cure back pain, it can soothe any discomfort you feel while sitting in a computer chair. The benefits of the Massage Chair go beyond just your back!

Sitting all day can cause poor blood flow throughout the body which contributes to fatigue and stiffness. A good massage can increase your blood flow and decrease these symptoms, helping you feel relaxed and energized.

Benefits of Massage Chair

  • Reduced pain intensity and frequency
  • Increased physical activity levels – less stiffness, fewer restrictions
  • Better mood and improved mental health
  • Less worry and anxiety about back pain
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced dependence on anti-inflammatory drugs

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