Does Pre Workout Make you Itch

Does Pre Workout Make you Itch

Do you love working out and staying fit? If yes, then you probably have Powher pre-workout products that you use before starting your gym or workout routine. Many people today use various supplements and products before starting their workout for numerous reasons. However, we have been asked so many times why pre-workout products cause itching. Do they make you itch? Let us get started.

Understanding Pre-Workout Products 

These products are made from several different ingredients. The reason why people take pre-workout supplements is to boost their performance. Some give an energy kick as they have caffeine. Others contain various components that help with your gym routine. But, some pre-workout supplements do indeed cause itching.

What Causes Itching?

If you have experienced itchiness after taking your pre-workout snack, it is because of its ingredients. Most of the products have Beta-Alanine in them. If the pre-workout snack contains more than 2g of Beta-Alanine per serving, it will cause a tingling sensation in your body.  Hence, you need to make sure to keep a check on the Beta-Alanine you are consuming before your workout. 

Beta-Alanine and Itching

Why does Beta-Alanine cause itching? This component causes acute paresthesia – a term used by medical professionals for skin tingling. Some people may only feel some tingling, but the effect varies. Paresthesia is also felt as numbness, itchiness, or skin burning. If it is worse, it can distract people from their workout. 


We know that Beta-Alanine causes itching. It is also clear that most of the pre-workout supplements and products contain this ingredient. Experts believe that this culprit has no purpose. They also say that even doses containing less than 1g per serving can cause paresthesia in some individuals. If you feel a burning sensation on your lips while having your pre-workout snack, it is due to Beta-Alanine. 

You should always be careful of the products you buy. Some companies try to use cheap alternatives of Beta-Alanine and add high amounts of Niacin. Now, this ingredient also does the same job (some believe that it has no use) but causes a stronger reaction. It may cause more itchiness. 

The Truth About Beta-Alanine

Researches have proven that the clinical dose of this compound is around 3.3 grams. Not all pre-workout products provide this dose. Coupled with that, experts also say that it needs to be taken every day for a couple of weeks to see the results. Many people take pre-workout products before working out. They usually do not work out every day. What is the point of having Beta-Alanine then? Lastly, pre-workout snacks are taken to maximize your workout, but Beta-Alanine does not do that. Hence, many health professionals believe that it should not be added at all. 


In this age of information, you should always check what you are putting in your body. If your pre-workout supplements or snacks give you a reaction and cause itchiness, you need to change it immediately. If symptoms get worse, it is best to consult a doctor. 

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