How to Help Children Focus: A Basic Guide

As children become older, their attention spans lengthen. For example, a six-year-old has an attention span of between 12 to 18 minutes and a 10-year-old has an attention span of around 20 to 30 minutes. By the time your child is 16 years old, they will have an attention span of between 32 and 48 minutes.

Having age-appropriate expectations regarding your child’s attention span is important, but there is a range of ways to improve their focus during the day.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to help children focus. Ensuring your child is focused on tasks such as homework and study is essential to their development.

Create a Distraction-Free Space

Nowadays, it feels like there are distractions everywhere. From TVs, computers, and mobile phones, it can be a struggle to keep your child’s attention from wandering. That’s why a distraction-free environment is so important for kids.

If you have a small spare room free, or even their bedroom, create a space that is free from gadgets and any material that could distract them. Soft lighting and music can create a relaxed ambiance, which will help them to focus on the task at hand.

Keep an Eye on Their Diet

As adults, we all know how important it is to look after ourselves with a healthy and balanced diet. But the same is true for children.

Ensuring that they eat a balanced diet that’s full of green vegetables while limiting their sugar intake is key. These tips will help your kids stay focused for longer.

Various studies highlight the link between poor diet and lack of focus. Saturated fats, in particular, have been shown to impair memory skills and learning.

Vitamins are a great way to ensure children get what they need to boost their focus. Check out this great focus supplement for children.

Set a Routine They Can Follow

We all have our own routines that we like to follow that make us feel far more productive. It’s the same with children, who will thrive in a structured environment.

When you set a routine for your kid’s learning and studying at home, homework time won’t feel like such a burden.

Power Naps Are Great

Let’s face it: school days can be long and tiring. So when your child comes home from school, it can be difficult for them to jump straight back into the books again.

Power naps, even for 20 minutes, can recharge your little one’s batteries and reset their focus for homework or studying later in the evening.

Create a Reward System

A child is too young to understand the implications of studying or not studying. They can’t comprehend the importance of graduating high school or attending university.

Instead, create a simpler reward system that rewards them regularly for their efforts.

Learn How to Help Children Focus

When trying to improve your child’s focus and attention, structure and routine are key. From regularly eating healthy foods, to having a study space where there is no distraction, to having a reward system that recognizes their efforts, it all helps to keep children focused on the task at hand.

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