heavy-duty power wheelchairs

Don’t confine or be dependent- empower your immobility

Looking at the wheelchair and brooding by the fact that you will be confined to it for your whole life?  Well, no this wheelchair will liberate you from your confinement. If you are finding it difficult to walk and have been advised of the use of a wheelchair, then rest assured it is going to help you. With time, it will become your constant companion, where you will be able to move around with ease.

Now, coming to the types of wheelchairs. There are manual wheelchairs and other heavy-duty power wheelchairs. One is propelled by a caretaker, while in the other it can be easily maneuvered around without any physical strength or help from others.

If you are thinking of independently handling your work, and your day-to-day operation without the help of any caretaker, then you should go for the power wheelchair. Intended for outdoor work, unlike a typical wheelchair, you can easily travel long distances too. Also, you don’t need to depend upon anyone to be taken anywhere. So you live your life the way you have done before you were confined to a wheelchair. Also, they travel faster than a wheelchair, to retain your speed the way it always was.

If you have been rendered immobile, these heavy-duty power wheelchairs can be beneficial for your lifestyle:

  • These wheelchairs come with a range of controls such as touchpads and joysticks. This ensures that you move the wheelchair with ease
  • You can move around the house, doing your usual household chores; you can even travel outside to run your errands, meeting your friends, or wheeling through the wilderness, rough terrain
  • These power wheelchairs can be customized in such a way that can offer you increased comforts, such as tilt and recline, armrests, leg rests, and many more.
  • While in a wheelchair you need use to use your arm strength, using your upper body to propel yourself up and about. But in a power wheelchair, you use the controls to do so.

There are various advantages of using heavy-duty power wheelchairs over the manual one:-

  • Easy to handle or maneuver- In a wheelchair, either you have to make the effort to go around the house or outside or you need a caretaker to do so. While with power wheelchairs with the aid of various controls you can just go about anywhere.
  • Stops accidental rolling- If you yearning to explore the wilderness, again, then using a manual wheelchair could be risky. Also in slopes and rugged terrain, it is kind of difficult to keep pushing the manual one. With the power wheelchair, you can easily slow down with the help of a joystick. The power that makes it moving also makes it stop.
  • Comfortable space- Manual wheelchairs tend to be a little bit uncomfortable but power wheelchairs have been designed in such a way as to give you ample space and comfort. It comes with spacious, and large seats.
  • Quite heavier- With power wheelchairs, some accidents have happened that you might suddenly tip over. However, power wheelchairs are weighty and do not allow you to tip over. They are quite strong and sturdy when it comes to front-back tipping or side-ways tipping.

Apart from all the benefits and advantages that a heavy-duty power wheelchair brings to your life, the most important that it does to you is improving your mental condition and health. When you are free to do anything that you have done for quite a long time when you were rendered immobile, it gives a kind of peace and mental satisfaction. You can not only go for usual menial chores outside your home, you can even plan your trip and head anywhere you want.




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