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Easy To Install Smart Home Devices

Looking to convert your home into a Smart Home? It’s easier than you think. We tend to assume that turning our house into a smart home is a very expensive renovation. But you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars installing some very high-tech stuff, there are so many smart home devices and appliances now easily available in retail stores for you. Simply install them around your home, or get smart appliances for your home, and there you go!

So how would you calculate a smart home installation price? Easy, it’s all about what you plan on installing in your home and whether that would require professional assistance to install – so it could be anything from smart lights to a smart refrigerator even. If you can DIY it then great! But if there’s even the slightest doubt, then you should definitely call in a professional because certain smart devices like smart thermostats, let’s say, require tampering with electrical wiring. It’s best to not take that risk at all.

However, some smart home devices can be install by yourselves and within minutes. Here is a list of a few of them.

Google Nest Cam Indoor

An indoor smart camera that delivers a live video feed straight to your smartphones, and in 1080p HD! It also supports night vision that makes it easier to watch the nighttime video feed. Some other features include alerts sent to your phones when it detects movement or sound, and two-way audio so you can communicate from both ends. Pretty cool right?

As for the installation part, the Nest Cam is easy to set up. It only requires you to plug the camera into an outlet and download the Nest app onto your devices from where you can set up the camera and get started. That’s it! There’s no need for a central hub or a monitor to be set up in a room like a personal ‘surveillance corner’.

Sengled Smart LED bulbs

Smart lights are some of the top, most commonly used smart devices. Previously you could find them in commercial buildings but now they’ve made their way into the domestic market too. They are quite convenient to have around your home and a great way to save energy and reduce your utility bills over time.

The Sengled Smart LED bulbs require a central hub through which they can be collectively controlled via the Sengled mobile app. But when it comes to installing, you only have to screw in the bulb wherever you want to place them in the house, and they connect via Wi-Fi. These bulbs are also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and hubs like Samsung Smart Things. So lights that have wireless control and voice control. How convenient is that?

Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini is a Smart Speaker featuring Google Assistant that can connect with other smart devices around your home or simply even serve as your virtual assistants and a speaker. It is the definition of how it is said that good things come in small packages.

When it comes to setting up this device, you only have to plug it into an outlet, download the Google Home app and set it up through the app itself. That is where you can also connect the Nest Mini to other smart devices around your home.

Yale Assure Lock

Installing a Smart Lock may sound complicated but the Assure Lock is quite easy to install on your door. All you need is a screwdriver!

This smart lock has a sleek design – a slim lock that goes in place of the deadbolt on any normal door. It works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thus allowing you to lock, unlock your door from anywhere at any time. The lock also locks and unlocks itself while sensing your movement using your phone’s location. So as you approach your door it will automatically unlock the door and then lock itself behind your back. It’s a key-free lock, making it tamper-proof; so it can only be unlock using the Yale app or the code punched into its keypad.

As we mentioned earlier, there are smart devices that you can install. By yourself and some that do require professional help. And even if you do, consider the cost a part of the investment. Smart Home devices are great when it comes to saving energy, convenience, and security. So what’re a few bucks in installment costs?

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