Toyota Fortuner 2.7G

Enter the Lucky Draw To Win A Brand New Toyota Fortuner 2.7G Or One Of 10 New iPhone 14 Plus With ACE Money Transfer And HBL. 

Did you ever think that your money transfer to Pakistan could one day get you a brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G or one of the 10 brand-new iPhone 14 Plus?

Well, if you haven’t yet, this is the time to do so.

Do you know why?

Because it is here for you to see and believe!

ACE Money Transfer has entered into a partnership yet again with one of the leading commercial banks of Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), and launched an exciting campaign to:

  1. a) Facilitate the flow of remittances into the country with competitive currency exchange rates, speed, low fees, etc. 
  2. b) Dole out the grand prizes, including a brand-new Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and one of the top-of-the-line 10 iPhone 14 Plus, through a series of lucky draws.

What Is The Ground Rule To Participate In This Exciting Campaign?

All Pakistani migrants residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia who send money to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer as a cash deposit or cash pickup to any of the 1,700+ branches of Habib Bank Limited before March 15th will be eligible to participate in this grand and exciting campaign.

Why Are A Toyota Fortuner 2.7G And iPhone 14 Plus Attached To The Tail End Of This Process?

Ask any Pakistani migrant, and they will tell you that they undertook the hazards of expatriate life in a foreign land only to afford basic life essentials.

And can any basic life essentials package be considered complete without the two prizes being doled out in this campaign?

The answer is fairly obvious.

And in this context, ACE Money Transfer has a holistic understanding of the financial woes of the migrants. Therefore, the company has designed the campaign with these two essential items as prizes to help winners ensure access to them.

Pakistani Diaspora Worldwide And The Volume Of Remittances They Send Back

  • About 9 million Pakistani migrants reside in several countries worldwide to earn a living for a host of reasons.
  • Remittances they sent in FY22 amounted to $31.2 billion.
  • Due to a slowdown in global economic activity, remittances to Pakistan fell to $9.9 billion from July to October in FY22.
  • It was a drop of 8.6 per cent, with $10.827 billion in the same period in FY21.

What Can This Dip Be Attributed To?

A major problem this drop is attributed to is the advent of Covid-19, albeit, by then, the world had largely turned the page on the virus.

But, the advent of the pandemic triggered huge job losses worldwide, with migrants hit the hardest.

Since the global economy halted, the countries hosting migrants had to lay foreigners off to ensure they could accommodate the natives in whatever left in the concerned job markets.

Did The Pakistani Government Take Any Initiative To Facilitate The Flow Of Remittances?

Yes, and pretty effectively!

The government of Pakistan swung into action to increase the flow of remittances into the country and came up with the Pakistan Remittances Initiative (PRI) in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis (MoOP), and the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the Pakistani migrants in the following ways:

  • To support and facilitate the quick, convenient and cost-effective flow of remittances
  • To create investment opportunities for Pakistani migrants in the country

ACE Money Transfer And Habib Bank’s Partnership Is Aimed At Meeting PRI’s Objectives

The joint venture between the two financial giants geared towards strengthening the flow of remittances in Pakistan and facilitating both the remitters and the recipients. They do so in the following few ways.

  • ACE Money Transfer has linked its currency exchange rates with the ever-fluctuating international market. This way, the company offers flexible rates to the remitters by allowing them to initiate a transaction at a time when the rates are most competitive.
  • The company delivers funds from anywhere in the world to Pakistan in just 7 seconds!
  • Over 1,700 branches of HBL make it easy for the recipient to collect funds without having to travel long distances to visit a branch.
  • ACE Money Transfer also charges a nominal fee for its remittance services.
  • You can have the dual advantage of getting favourable exchange rates and a low fee in addition to the speed for your money transfers to Pakistan via ACE Money Transfer and HBL.

The Exciting Campaign – Details To Participate And Prizes

  • Divide your remittances into small chunks and send the money on a daily basis to Pakistan from the listed countries above via ACE Money Transfer and HBL across the campaign duration ending on March 15th.
  • This will also make you eligible to participate in the campaign and increase your chances of winning as many transactions in one day will count as one.
  • One Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and 10 iPhone 14 Plus are given away as prizes in a series of lucky draws.
  • The winner of the vehicle could nominate someone in Pakistan to collect the prize on their behalf.

ACE Money Transfer – Trustworthy Remittances And Beyond

Think about it:

You also send money to Pakistan as a routine. Right? Why not nudge your remittances in ACE Money Transfer’s and HBL’s way? Join the campaign by following the simple steps explained above and stand a chance to win a Toyota Fortuner 2.7G and one of the 10 iPhone 14 Plus in addition to low fees, speed, and high exchange rates simultaneously.

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