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Epic Games Brings Football Clubs and Game Players Closer

Fortnite has arguably been the game of the decade, and anyone who works in a school will tell you how obsessed children are with the dances. They seem to get as much excitement out of them as an adult would from sizzling hot deluxe. Players have been involved with the game since its inception in 2017, which will ensure that numbers do not fall.

Introducing Football Clubs

To keep Fortnite as popular as it has been, there has been a drive to bring a wide range of football clubs from around the world onto the platform. It has been a venture between Epic Games – the developers of Fortnite, and IMG, their business partner. There has been a fantastic response, and there are so many teams who seemed to want to be part of the game.

23 Teams so far

At present, 23 teams have so far got involved, and, ideally, they represent the 5 Continents ensuring there should be a team that every player can get behind. There is a wide range of representation as they come from 10 different professional leagues. There is now a combination of new kits that can be purchased before the starting date of January 23rd. The kits can be got from the clubs, and the new set is called a “kickoff”.  Clubs involved include Juventus, Celtic, Roma, VfL Wolfsburg, Osaka, Atlanta United, Santos, Melbourne Wanderers, Sevilla, and Manchester City. All are well-known names to people who already follow football.

The news from Epic Games is that many users have requested football, and it makes sense to include it as they will keep players interested. There is also a chance that the introduction will bring in new players. The teams will be hosting their tournament called the Pele Cup, and it is a perfect name as one of the actions that can be included is the joyful punch in the air that he carried out. A fitting prize for the winner of the tournament is a signed shirt from Pele.

So, What Do Players Get?

The main thing will be the chance to wear the kit of their favourite team while they play. Added to this, there is a chance to modify their players by giving them a wide range of expressions. All are animated and show a range of emotions. Probably the biggest coup is achieving the involvement of Pele – truly a master of the game. Having him involved as players compete against each other is going to liven up an already exciting event. His new foray will allow his skills to be seen by generations who were not lucky enough to see him play at the time.

As We Advance

The new developments are good news for Epic Games as there was a dispute with Apple and Google, who no longer support the game. Now thanks to the most significant partnership they have had, it seems clear that they are on the right track and are following the requirements of their more than 350 million global players.

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