Shyness doesn’t Have to Be Our Curse

The world has a lot of shy people. Shyness is a personality trait that some claim to be born with. It is something they don’t expect to deal with effectively. Other people develop shyness as young children or as grownups. A kid who gets picked on at school, or bullied for their metal teeth braces, for instance, can lose their self-esteem and become shy. Teens can get shy due to facial pimples, for example, or being plump. Adults can get an illness that causes huge stigma, like HIV, and become chronically shy after that. They can also become timid and withdrawn after getting a divorce, developing an addiction to alcohol or drugs, or being jobless or full of debt.

A fantastic way to avoid being shy is to join other people in fun activities or educational seminars.  The goal is to find a leisure activity that can distract your mind from producing negative thoughts about shyness or other things about your character. Irrational thoughts about introversion should be avoided at all costs. If you cannot do it alone, talk to a friend or relative, you can trust with your secrets. Shy people tend to fear being judged the wrong way. If you do that, you will not have the courage to talk about the issues that are hurting your mind and overall health. It is advisable to share your problems with someone you can trust, even your parents.

Shy people tend to be the most understood on earth. A person with overwhelming confidence is the one who gets all the attention. They appear friendly, approachable, cheerful, and charismatic. On the other hand, a shy person is cold, aloof, standoffish, distant, and rude. People are generally critical and will judge others based on what is on sight. A shy person does not talk a lot and avoids attention at every cost. They don’t want to move to the front, where they are likely to be requested to speak or answer a question. Their gestures suggest that they are avoiding people and don’t want to be bothered. In reality, introverted people are all willing to try out things but are too shy to start.

Does shyness have to be a curse? It certainly does not. It is something that you can deal with. A depressed person who wants to restore their mental health has to seek help. A shy person should do the same. Some professional counsellors, like Brisbane psychology team CFHP can help them locate the cause of their shyness and find solutions for it. Another way to cope with shyness is to avoid obsessing about it. If you feel unhappy about your shyness all through the day, you could ruin other things in the process. If you are in school, you might get lower grades at work, your productivity can slow down, and in your relationships, you can cause conflicts.

You can also find webinars or physical workshops planned by popular motivational speakers or leaders like Chad Foster. Chad Foster’s experience as the first blind Harvard executive graduate provides a unique and inspiring perspective for his keynote audiences. These people have better public speaking skills, and you can learn something from each one of them. You can also do a course in public speaking or a related concept. Attending ceremonies like weddings, music concerts, soccer games, and similar events can put you in a position where you can be close to several people. Getting deeply involved in group activities is one way to make you vulnerable and useful rather than hiding from attention. Finally, it would help if you realized that the best way to confront your fear to do the exact thing you fear doing.

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