Carpet Bugs

Experts Tip For Taking care of Common Carpet Bugs On Your Own

Do you have a bug-infested carpet at home? This can be a big problem. If the condition is severe, you may need an expert carpet cleaning team immediately. Bugs and pests can easily infest your indoor carpet. If your home has moisture issues, then this problem is common.

There are other reasons as well including pets and kids. Untreated spills can be a common attraction for pests and bugs. So what to do next?

You have an option to look around for the best carpet cleaning and pest control in Brisbane services. Only carpet cleaning may not prove of much help. Expert carpet cleaning services will also offer bug treatment on request.

You have only a few options that you can perform to ensure the issue is best treated on time.

  1. Hire an expert immediately

This probably should be the very first option you can use – hire an expert team. Let experts take care of your carpet bug problem. This is also the only option you have if the problem is out of control. Do not try to address the issue yourself, unless you are an expert.

Professionals have specialized techniques and chemicals they can use to treat carpet pests and bugs. The techniques are more effective as compared to a DIY task.

  1. Vacuum consistently

The problem gets severe if you are not taking proper care of the carpet in advance. Regular vacuum is important. Bugs and pests can infest at any time. Regular vacuuming tasks will ensure they do not get a chance to infest.

Once you give up the vacuuming task they will infest back again. So to keep the bugs away vacuum the carpet at least once or twice a week.

  1. Use Boric acid or powder

Boric powder and acid and bugs are never friendly with each other. Bugs and pests do not like Boric acid. This is one of the best ways to treat this issue if it is under controlled conditions. Just prepare a mix of the powder and spray it on the carpet.

You have to allow the boric acid to dry out naturally. Once dried, the carpet needs to be washed with warm water. Do not administer this solution if you have pets and kids around you at home.

  1. Use insecticide 

When you go around the market you will discover all types of insecticides. Not all types can be used on the carpet. You may have to search for a specific grade spray. But it is important to continue using it regularly.

During the winter and rainy seasons, the insecticide should be used consistently once a week. It will help in keeping the molds away as well.

You can also make use of a fogger. These are available in the market for a cheap price. Whatever technique you select always ensure it is safe for your health you can best reach an expert carpet cleaning team.

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