List of Online and Best Book Converter Online 2022 for Beginners

List of Online and Best Book Converter Online 2022 for Beginners

EBook online converter enables you to transform the format of ebook files into the one that best suits your needs. Most of them allow you to transition between standard ebook formats such as EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), FB2, and PDF. 

Free desktop software or online applications that may be used on the web are both examples of ebook converters. Desktop converters typically convert files more quickly and provide higher-quality output. 

They do not restrict the maximum file size or the total number of files that can be saved. Most online tools are without cost, but they may contain advertisements. They are adequate for transferring over more compact books.

List of Online and Best Book Converter Online 2022 for Beginners

 1. Online Convert Free

With the help of this online and free eBook converter, you may convert a wide variety of file types into ebook format. It can read various formats, including LIT, TCR, PDF, MOBI, AZW, PDB, PDF, and others.

In addition to its numerous applications, the online tool may be used to convert various file types, including audio, video, and still photographs.


  • Reading is possible with almost every eBook format.
  • The android app is available.
  • Can modify metadata files.


  • Navigating through the website may prove to be challenging at times.
  • Size limits for file uploads.

2. Epubor Ultimate

It is one of the most valuable programs for converting eBooks that can be run on a personal computer. It enables you to convert files into your preferred ebook format, read them anywhere, and eliminate any DRM restrictions. 

Changing the metadata of your ebooks and removing their covers are possible with this application’s assistance. Go and download this tool for free right now!


  • Friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Converts ebooks both with and without digital rights management
  • Capable of converting several files all at once
  • Compatible with a diverse range of format types


  • You can only convert a limited number of files with the trial version.

3. Calibre

You will have access to all of the tools necessary to convert ebooks, download them to your device, and organize them into a variety of categories with the help of this open-source ePUB converter. 

In addition, you can amend the metadata, generate a table of contents, and modify the text’s size and font.


  • Documents may be converted to various formats, including PDF, AZW3, and MOBI.
  • It is free from advertisements.
  • Enables users to alter the size of the pages that are printed


  • Unable to open files that have the DRM protection applied to them
  • It may be complicated to utilize for the beginners  

4. Convertio

Using this online app, you can convert book or modify almost every book aspect. In addition to ebooks, it can convert the format of thousands of different sorts of files. Additionally, the software is straightforward to use. 

You need to choose the format you want, upload the file, and then you’re all set! The files you send will be formatted as ebooks when we receive them.


  • Simple to use 
  • There is an extension available for Chrome
  • Users have the option to save files to either Google Drive or Dropbox.


  • The maximum size of a file that can be converted is 100 megabytes.


There are several different books converter software available that will assist you in converting eBooks. Some of them are free to use, but there is a limit to the number of files that may be converted at one time. Some restrict access to certain tools and functions when using the free service.

Which one of the above do you prefer? 

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