Implementing SIAM

Factors to consider while Implementing SIAM

Designing a model is important as it provides us with a template to work. Therefore, a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model guides organizations on vendor management systems with multiple suppliers of IT services. A trained SIAM professional ensures to adopt the best approach for an organization that is working in a multi-vendor operating model.

SIAM and Multi-sourcing

Traditional IT departments, deploy trained in-house professionals for various functions like network efficacy and data management. Many times these professionals may want it necessary to outsource some requirements to other vendors while completing the remaining work in the house. This approach needs a solid vendor management strategy, and this is where SIAM professional certification from Knowlathon, helps you prove your qualification.

SIAM professional training helps you understand the strategic process providing an IT department the framework needed to manage multiple vendors to help accomplish organizational goals.

Implementing SIAM as a Solution-Oriented Model

One of the critical factors while implementing SIAM is to ensure that SIAM is solution-oriented. While changing IT outsourcing strategy, confirm that change is made for the better. Validate SIAM models as per your unique requirements and choose the one that is most appropriate. If you fail to fully understand the SIAM model you plan to employ, it may become more costly than the benefits it offers.

SIAM professional certificate helps you understand best practices for SIAM and the different models available allowing you to mitigate the risk that can be costly to your organization in the future.

The Right SIAM Model

Another factor to consider while implementing SIAM is knowing how to choose the right model. There are four common SIAM models that offer solutions for most solutions. As a SIAM professional you need to select the one that goes best for your type of situation. Understand the level of SIAM expertise within your organization, and know the complexity of the systems that need to be managed. You should also watch for the ability and availability of specialist SIAM services.

Creating a Vendor Agreement

One of the best SIAM practices is to create a valid vendor agreement. It helps to safeguard the organizations against any potential risk while outsourcing is done. This binding document ensures that your end-users expectations are rightly delivered and on time. Consider including key performance indicators (KPIs) that help determine the success of the mutual relationship.

Moreover, track and react to non-performance against KPI. It is critical for the success of a SIAM model to take action in a timely manner.

Build Strong Relationships with Your Vendors

Building relations with vendors take them beyond a transaction and also inspires others to attract attention towards your brand. Try to value the relationship you have built with time. A successful vendor relationship is beneficial for both sides, the vendors and the organizations. Adopt a fair model with a give and take and a mutual understanding that will prove to be beneficial for all in a long run.

Get Right People on Board

The success of SIAM largely depends on the knowledge of the people performing SIAM activities. They must be experienced in negotiation and conflict resolution skills while having an ability to manage interpersonal relationships.

Effectively Switching to SIAM

In order to effectively switch to SIAM, a well-thought and planned strategy need to be executed while going for transitioning to a SIAM model. Consider SIAM professional certification from Knowlathon, if you want to understand the benefits and resources involved. SIAM professional certification cost in India ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. Once you own a SIAM professional certificate, you will certainly learn the skills to free your staff to concentrate on your core business and take your organization to another level.

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