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First American Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

There is plenty of noise on the internet to know about the difference between the first American home warranty vs the American home shield. If you are also looking to understand the difference between the two, then look no further as this article is going to provide you with all the intricate details!

American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty are two different home warranty companies. If you search for First American Home Warranty reviews or American Home Shield reviews, then the comparison between these two will be quite helpful to you.

A Comparison of Both

  • First American Home Warranty has its packages of warranty plans available at a low average monthly cost compared to American Home Shield. In a comparison of the service fees, it can be seen that American Home Shield starts from a range of $75, whereas the starting range of First American Home Warranty is $85.
  • In case of coverage options, American Home Shield has three options along with add-ons such as electronics, roof leakages, and air conditioning. Whereas First American Home Warranty has only two options in its package with air conditioning as an add-on.
  • Coverage of the packages is generally excluded for the residents of Alaska in the case of American Home Shield. On the other hand, the First American warranty excludes Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Delaware, North Dakota, Vermont, and many other regions.
  • The American Home Shield has various discounts and offers like referral offers, discounts for second homes, or the members of the National Association of Realtors. But the discounts provided by First American Home Warranty are relatively minimal compared to the former.
  • On some of its superior plans, American Home Shield offers roof coverage along with the package. But none of the packages of First American Home Warranty includes this offer.
  • American Home Shield covers plumbing services that cover the leakages in pipes or drains, gas, or vent lines. In its package, it includes the toilets, showerheads, and arms, and faucets. At the same time, the First American Home Warranty on its premium packages includes bathtub, pumps, motor, hot water pumps along with air switch assemblies added with breaks and leakages and so on. There is the specific exclusion of faucets, fixtures, showerheads, or caulking.
  • American Home Shield includes the coverage of the electrical systems in all its three plans which consist of replacement of all components or parts, direct current wiring, built-in attic fans, fixing of lights, and some others too. First American Home Warranty in its packages also includes electrical wiring, junction boxes, switches, or fuses, but doesn’t cover security wiring or telephone wiring. However, neither of the company covers wiring of audio or video equipment,or alarms.
  • Both the companies don’t include the structural components like windows but on special insurance on the owners’ houses.
  • American Home Shield covers HVAC services in certain plans, but before taking up any plan, you should read the contract properly to understand what services are excluded. First American Home Warranty includes heating and heating, but it has exclusions too.

By going through these comparisons and observing specific American Home Shield Reviews, you can understand the best and choose one for your house.

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