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An Ultimate Guide to Design the Sushi Boxes

The food industry’s requirements are very different than other industries in terms of packaging. You always require something that can carry the food items safely. Similar is the packaging for sushi. Different styles of sushi boxes are available in the market to pack sushi. Here, we will learn about the packaging for this kind of food.

Facts About Sushi Boxes

Food is unlike other products you see in the market. Therefore, special packaging is required to pack it. Ordinary packaging will only ruin the food and make the customers unhappy. Customers will never want to experience such kind of food again. Sushi is somehow among the favorite food that customers love to eat. In the market, you will find different styles and flavors of sushi. A customer can’t taste the sushi at the moment. That is because it is packed. Now, how will they get to know what it tastes like or how it appears?

Well, the answer is very simple. Sushi is packed in custom packaging. Customers will immediately judge it through the packaging when they pick it up. If the packaging is attractive and looks tempting, they will get it. Otherwise, there is no other option to check the taste or texture of the food. The outlook of the box matters here. Similarly, when you want to win over your competitors, focus on the custom packaging of the sushi.

Customers will love to see attractive packaging. You could use 3D images with vibrant colors. Or use the bolded fonts that will help them to make their choice. Choose the most attractive templates and designs. The packaging is what convinces customers to prefer your brand over others. So, try your best to win their trust.

How To Design Custom Packaging Boxes?

Designing sushi boxes is not a big deal. You should review the market trend. Analyze what your customers want to have. A packaging box is somehow not a simple cardboard packaging box. Rather, it is a tool to advertise your product. There are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Firstly, use a material that won’t ruin your food. For example, the temperature can affect sushi badly. Extreme high or low temperatures might change the taste of food. So, choose the packaging that retains the sushi’s state and taste. It shouldn’t contaminate it.
  • Secondly, focus on its unboxing style or unfolding style. Customers will prefer to choose a packaging box that they can open or shut easily. You should design boxes that will provide them full convenience like this.
  • Thirdly comes the partitioning of the boxes. Sometimes you need to design a box for sushi with no compartments. You can only pack sushi and nothing else. However, sometimes you will add sauces to the sushi. Then what to do? For such scenarios, you must add compartments to the sushi box.

The segregation in the boxes will allow you to add different sauces to the box. Ensure the sauces can fit easily in the spaces and don’t fall. Sometimes, you must design the box with two or three layers. Hence, it gives extra safety to the sushi.

  • Keep in mind to avoid making the boxes of sushi heavy. The heavy boxes are always challenging to carry along. Customers always need lightweight boxes to carry their food along their journey.

Customization For The Packaging

Customization of the packaging is what can make your product the best. So, to make your business progressive, you must hire good custom box makers. The most trending brand for this is the Claws custom boxesIt is not only there for custom packaging but also for adding worth to your product. Designing involves the selection of colors, materials, logos, and every relevant thing. Choosing high-quality cardboard material is key for packaging. A low-quality material or, let’s say, a fragile box can never keep sushi safe and fresh.

Sometimes you might require a glossy effect on the cardboard. Therefore, you should choose the sizes for the custom boxes. Choose the size that would fit the sushi. A loose-sized box wouldn’t keep sushi safe. Also, your box size should exactly match the sushi’s quantity. Food is sometimes kept for a longer period. The packaging you choose should keep the food fresh for a long.

Further, you could even add a glass window to the box. It will help customers to view the food without opening the box. Mention the expiry date in bold on the top or sides of the box. Customers can quickly check the date of expiration before purchasing. Hence, they wouldn’t have to search for the expiry date if it’s on the front of the box.


Design the sushi boxes with the features we have described above. Thus, it will help you in designing the best custom boxes. Similarly, once your customers like the packaging, they will prefer your brand.


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