Kitchen the Drooling Makeover

Giving your Kitchen the Drooling Makeover

The kitchen is one of the most important and lovable rooms in the house. This is where you break the scrumptious cakes or make the flavourful curries. Kitchens where everything is lively and good.  That’s where we get the most important thing that is food. It’s only fair to give your kitchen a good makeover to enjoy the little processes of food making. Perhaps the easiest way to brighten your kitchen up would be to install Coloured Acrylic Splashbacks or to give it a fresh coat of paint. Read on to find out how we would tackle a kitchen makeover.

The layout

It could be a semi modernised for a full-fledged modernized kitchen also called the modular kitchen. Which city in an elegant placement of kitchen counters with designated spaces for the microwave ovens as well as the dishwashers. It’s very important to discuss the layout that you want the kitchen to turn into. To give it a proper makeover means building it properly from scratch. It would require a lot of brainstorming and Idea curations to come up with different designs that would suit your home. You’ll have to get in touch with an architect to discuss the designing of your kitchen. Apart from that, you need the help of an in-home inspector who will thoroughly inspect your kitchen for any kind of problem that could arise and avoid any mishap from happening. You can find plenty of home inspectors in Brooklyn who can help you build a good and modernized kitchen that you wish to have.

Open shelves

Open shelves tend to give a more spacious look to your kitchen. The shelves tend to push the walls farther and hence give the illusion of larger cooking space. So for those who have a small kitchen and want to have a more spacious kitchen they can choose to have open shelves. These provide the much-needed space that is usually taken up by other things.  you just have to buy the matching Mason jars and feel them off with the ingredients and viola you have a multi storing kitchen spacious and doesn’t look clumsy.

Plus open shelves never go out of style. Add to the decor of the kitchen making it look a certain unique way. picking shoes to have them as a screen between the kitchen and the living room or as a partial wall. You can even add partitions to categorize the areas for different ingredients. In case you want to have closed shelves then choose the right door handles for it. As it increases the beauty of shelve.

Adding a kitchen island

Apart from serving as a multi-purpose think a kitchen island as a lot to your kitchen aesthetics and its overall look.  Talking about its multiple purposes it can be used as a storage unit with shelves installed in it or it could be used as a dining area or a breakfast one with metals tools added to it it can be used as a separate area for chopping your vegetables and keeping the various dishes aside so that you can avoid the spill and the clumsiness of the kitchen.

Kitchen Island adds chic-Ness to the kitchen and acts as a charming storage unit. The storage units could be in the form of draws or little shelves. It could act as a wonder accentuating the features of your kitchen and giving it a nice structure.

The lighting

Zonal axial or accent, the kind of lighting you put inside a kitchen plays a very important role in adding to the beauty of your kitchen. Since the kitchen is a compact room of its soft pendant lights would provide it with a welcoming archway. This will act as an invisible separating wall between your kitchen and your living room. Zone lighting provides a good spotlight to your kitchen.

Axle light fixtures section the different zones of a kitchen and can make your kitchen look like a large seamless and spacious room. These are mainly used to highlight the cooking and dining spaces of the kitchen and keep them visually separated from each other.

Accent lights maintain the natural flow of light in your kitchen. It adds the lights to the nooks and corners that are hidden in the shadows and of the room.


Just a little few changes to your kitchen could make a huge difference. Apart from painting and decor, these are the most basic and important to do to shelves the perfect kitchen.

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