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Have You Been Injured At Home? These Tips Will Guide You To Claim Your Legal Rights

Everyone knows what to do next when there’s an accident on the road or at work. 911 is on speed dial on such occasions and you know you’re going to get justice if the incident was caused by someone else. But what steps do you take if you were injured at home? Do you even know you could claim your rights?

What does it mean to be injured at home? Is that even a thing? An accident-at-home is an accident where the injuries were a result of the actions of a third person. In simple terms, as long as the injury was not your fault but someone else’s (probably your landlord if it’s a rented space), it’s termed injury at home meaning you can make a claim.

So are sometimes any injuries, even ones where you were partially at fault, liable for compensation?

That’s also possible. The blame can be shared among both the claimant and defendant. But that is on rare occasions and varies according to location. Now if you’ve had an accident at home, let these tips guide you on your quest for justice.

1. Look For The Right Lawyer

This obviously has to be the first step to take if you’re to claim your right. If your car is bad, you don’t go complaining to your cleric, you call your mechanic or ask friends for a recommendation. That also applies in this scenario.

Finding the right lawyer isn’t just looking for one who is well known in the community. It’s not even looking for just an accident lawyer to handle the case. There are different types of lawyers, so you need one who has got experience in the specific area of law that pertains to your situation and in this case, injury at home.

Feel free to ask the hard questions: how long have they been practicing personal injury law? What aspect of law do they specialize in?  Furthermore, you want to ensure that the attorney you decide to hire actually handles your case and doesn’t reassign it to his legal assistant. You’d have more confidence in their ability if you can find one based on recommendations from previous clients.

2.  Gather Enough Evidence

You want to have enough evidence your attorney can use to defend you. Take photos of where the incident happened. Get to the hospital as soon as you can to get proper treatment and so you have a medical report to back up your claim.

If you’re in a rented apartment, inform your landlord about the injury and ensure you take a record of the losses you incurred since the accident. Gathering evidence is a practice that produces results irrespective of your location, you can file a workers’s compensation claim in Georgia or request compensation for self cause injuries in the UK if you’ve got enough evidence. This might seem unnecessary but it would go a long way in helping your lawyer help you claim your rights.

3.  Determine Your Settlement Figure in Mind

After getting the right personal injury lawyer for your case, you should have been able to figure out what your claim is worth. But before going ahead to speak with an insurance company through the attorney about your request, you need to have decided on the minimum settlement you can accept for the injury. The settlement figure is for your own knowledge, it isn’t something you would share with the insurance guy. It’s always helpful to have some figure in your mind before offers and counter-offers start going back and forth in the room.

It doesn’t mean you have to stick to the settlement you already set. The other party might highlight facts you did not consider and can clearly weaken your claim which means you have to reduce the figure. That’s also another reason you wouldn’t want any type of lawyer as your counselor only experienced ones. On the other hand, if the adjuster begins the offer with a low settlement or one close to what you had in mind, you might want to review your original figure. It might be there are pieces of evidence that can strengthen your claim.

4.  Appeal To The Defendants Emotions

If there’re emotional points to support your claim, make them known during settlement negotiations. Let them be aware of how the injury has affected your ability to care for your family as you should. That’s where photos and medical reports would come in handy. It might be impossible to place value on the points raised, but they can be quite useful in helping you win the case.

Have you been thinking of what to do after a home injury? Search no further! Begin by getting good personal injury lawyers. The remaining process becomes much easy with their experience and expertise in your corner.

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