Here’s Why You Should Hire a SaaS Application Development Company

Running a business requires you to handle a number of things.

Process management. Monitoring. Implementing new processes. Contributing new ideas, etc. It is beneficial to have an extra hand when times are tough.

Joining hands with a reliable and experienced SaaS application development company can provide you with an extra pair of hands.

Over the last year, the global outsourcing market grew to nearly $100 billion as almost every second company in the US outsourced one or more functions.

Furthermore, 78% of these businesses that outsourced their business functions felt that it was a successful experience.

Simply put, outsourcing works. An important question is what exactly can a company outsource in order to launch big?

The following guide covers everything from the best ways to select outsourceable business functions to discover what not to outsource.

The first thing to know is: what should not be outsourced?

The popularity of consultants and incubators has caused many functions that have been traditionally handled in-house, such as business strategy and accounting, to be effectively outsourced.

However, there is this question of where the line should be drawn. Obviously, no business can outsource every aspect of its operation. So, before you outsource anything, learn what not to outsource.

While outsourcing sales can be highly beneficial in some industries, the case of SaaS products is different.

Unlike generic products, most SaaS products require a well-trained salesman who thoroughly knows the product’s ins and outs, such as a SaaS application development company. This does not mean you have to start cold-calling prospects.

Instead, you can begin by outsourcing the prospecting and lead generation for your product and close the final sale in the house. In this manner, you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing the most mundane part of your sales process.

Moreover, you will still be ensuring no leads are wasted because the sales rep couldn’t answer in-depth questions about your product.

  • Customer Service

In the same way that outsourcing sales work for big brands, outsourcing support is not the best idea for growing SaaS businesses. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Personalized Customer Experiences are Getting More Popular 

When you gain complete control over your customer support staff, you can concentrate on building a strong and personal relationship with your customers. Furthermore, an in-house customer service representative can use your product expertise to resolve queries more effectively than an outsourced rep.

Interacting with your users directly allows you to help them and collect valuable feedback.

  • Using Thorough Instructions within the Software

By creating thorough instructions within your software, you can solve the most common customer queries.

By doing so, you can effectively reduce customer queries. Rather than investing in an external support team, invest in instructional videos that help customers get the most out of your product. In addition to being a one-time investment with potential lifetime returns, these videos will be relevant no matter how your customer base grows.

It’s best to keep customer interactions within your organization. It is smart to keep your customers close since they are the reason for your success so far.

How About Outsourcing SaaS Development?

Despite the rapid growth of the SaaS industry, not all businesses can keep up with it.

In an era when developers are in high demand and the products they develop, it can be difficult for bootstrapped startups to find the right talent.

It is one of many reasons to consider partnering with a dependable SaaS application development company. Here are a few more:

  • Makes Your In-House Development Team Productive

When startups engage a small team of developers, they are often asked to perform several tasks that are not necessarily their responsibility.

As a result, the productivity and progress of the in-house development team diminish over time.

A SaaS application development company gives you access to dedicated resources that tackle the most pressing requirements, which successfully addresses this concern. Moreover, when you outsource smartly, you get to hire top developers without disbursing high salaries.

One famous example is Slack.

The company outsourced its development and created an MVP in a relatively short period with minimal financial risk. Smart outsourcing led to Slack’s success which is now valued at over $7 billion.

  • Scale and Grow Your Business in the Most Efficient Manner

As your business grows, you will need to pay attention to about a million things. It is easy to get lost on the way through, as some are more important than others.

McKinsey claims that if a software company grows at 20% a year, there is a 92% chance of going broke within five years.

The SaaS product needs to be continuously updated, and new features must be deployed consistently to scale and grow.

Even though these tasks can be done at home, they often get overlooked as many other obligations exist.

Irrespective of this, there are some cases where SaaS companies still fail to outsource their development.

One of the most common cases involves a developer who is the founder or CEO. It’s your idea, and you can materialize it yourself, so why hire a SaaS application development company for something you do best?

Additionally, CEOs who don’t have a background in development need to take into account the following:

Get the Technical Support Once Development Comes to an End 

If your product is straightforward and the bugs are taken care of, it does not mean the product can function without continual maintenance. Thus, it’s best to opt for outsourcing in this scenario. However, if your SaaS product does require constant maintenance, it is wise to keep things under your control.

If something goes wrong from here on, an in-house development team will be the most efficient option at understanding the significance and urgency of getting the task done instantly.

Is Your SaaS Product Truly Different?

Unless you trust your SaaS application development company with your life, do not consider outsourcing your unique SaaS product idea to a stranger. Not only is there a substantial chance that your idea will get stolen or copied, but there is also a substantial chance that an unprofessional outsourcing team will fail to realize your vision fully.

On the whole, any decision you take in this regard, be it about any business function, make sure it should be leak-proof and thought-through.

It can only be achieved if you understand the science behind deciding which core business functions are ideal for outsourcing.



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