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Hidden functions of your Phone (plus interesting facts inside!)

Cell phones today have evolved into smart devices capable of performing tasks that ten years ago a cell phone owner would never have thought possible. Today’s smartphones are not just acquiring new features and capabilities, but they are also firmly squeezing other devices out of the market. So, there is no need to buy an MP3 player, additional memory card (especially if you’re 256 GB iPhone owner) and the camera capabilities of phones today surpass many models of digital cameras.

Even though not all users of modern phones use their full functionality, there are still hidden functions of the phone.

Today we’ll tell you what hidden features your device has, and how you can activate them. Also, you can prefer business mobile phones that give a new boost to your business.

Emergency call

The phone is always able to help you out, even in the most emergency. Today it is difficult to imagine significant problems with cellular operators’ coverage. But if you are in the mountains or the countryside, the situation can be quite different.

The spare key must be within reach of your relatives or friends. Call them and bring your phone within 30 cm of the car lock. At this point, at the other end of the line, even in another city, you need to bring the spare key to the phone and press the door open button.

Distance help for the car owner

For car owners, the phone’s radio signal can be a lifesaver in case the keys are left in a locked car or you lose them. True, modern technology only comes to the rescue. The lifesaving option works exclusively with remote car keys.

Hidden features of the iPhone

There is an advanced ‘do not disturb’ mode for iPhone owners. In the function settings, select the ‘manually’ item. It is available to disable all beeps at a time you define. Also, you can choose people whose calls will be received with a notification, despite the activity of the mode.

If you’re afraid to miss an important call, you can activate the lighting of the camera flash with incoming events. To do this, in the main settings, go to ‘universal access’ and activate the ‘flash alert’.

Apple smartphone users have the option to reduce the brightness of the screen to a level that is not possible in the default setting. This will allow in a certain situation to save additional charge or to use it more comfortably in the dark. To activate this feature in the main settings, go to “universal access”. In the ‘zoom’ subsection, check ‘full screen’. Now, to minimize the brightness of the backlight, tap the screen three times.

Users of smartphones from Apple can also answer incoming messages without unlocking the screen. To do this, swipe to the left on the notification. This will activate the “reply” item.


Interesting facts about mobile technology

Each of you has a cell phone (90% have a smartphone) in your pocket, on your desk, in your bag, in your car. Such a term of military and government officials as “mobilization” has become a favorite phrase of advertisers and IT people.

Taking pictures and posting photos online, playing games, communicating on social networks, online shopping, studying, even searching for homework help for history – every user can access any information and services around the world at any time. Using smartphones is an important part of life for modern and active people.

Do you still doubt that the future belongs to smartphones? In that case, the numbers will be the best argument:

  1. In 2013, Internet traffic from mobile devices exceeded traffic from home computers. Mobile devices are now more important and necessary than home computers.
  2. 61% of the population may change their opinion of a brand for the better if the brand provides mobile access.
  3. 60% of everyone who buys products with a cell phone is using a smartphone while they are in regular stores and supermarkets.
  4. 94% of smartphone owners search for the nearest café, gym, movie theater, hotel exactly with their cell phones.
  5. 25% of all the e-mails in the world are viewed with the help of cell phones, and 10% more – with the help of tablets.
  6. Mobile search now handles a quarter of all searches in the world.
  7. 70% of people who search for information from a mobile device are going to buy something shortly.
  8. Tablet users are willing to spend 50% more money on purchases than PC users.

As for the future of mobile technology, most experts believe that in 2021 the mobile software market will increase to 89 billion downloads. It is expected that the share of payments by cell phones will grow to 50% of the total in 2022.

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