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House cleaning Auckland —Prep your house for your first pet!

Prep your house for your first pet!

So, you have decided to bring home a new pet! Awesome! Nowadays almost everyone is adopting animals, and this shows that humanity isn’t dead after all. But since you are bringing a pet for the first time in your home, you have to prepare your home properly for the same. After all, bringing in a new pet is just like welcoming a small child to your home for the first time.

Ø  Tips to prepare your house before the first pet enters!

Congrats, you are a pet parent now and soon your small pup or kitten would be in your home sharing your space. But before the big day arrives, prepare your home for the grand welcome of the little one.

o   Clean and sanitise your house thoroughly — Before the pet arrives, you have to deep clean it. Especially, if you are bringing a small pup or a small kitten into the house. It’s because animals have the habit to search the minutest particles from the far most corner of your home and chew it. And if your pet does that, you will be in big trouble. You very well know how many minute particles are hidden inside your carpets or in the corner of your house. So, before the pet is at home, call the professionals for house cleaning in Auckland, Flash Cleaning can clean your carpets and other parts of the house. And if you are sanitising the house as well, it’s all the more better.

o   Pet proof your home — By pet proofing we mean keeping all the sharp and pointed objects secured in a box. Securing the loose wires in the house and also ensuring that the sockets are placed safely at a height and even the inventory is placed in closed cabinets.

o   Reconsider your plants’ placement — Your pets have a habit to destroy the plants of your garden. Especially if they are young or untrained. It would take time to train them to not attack them. Until then you have to secure your plants somewhere where they can’t reach.

o   Set up your pet’s space —You will have to assign a special space for your pet when you bring it home. Whether you are placing a soft bed in your own bedroom or putting up a kennel outdoors, ensure that you finish off the procedure before the pet arrives.

o   Stock and shop for them — Now it’s the time to stock up your pet supplies. From the toys that they would require to the food and even the littering space, you have to bring everything at home before this small new member of your family comes.

o   Invest in air purifier — You require a purifier in your home now as you bring in a pet indoors. Your indoor air is bound to get affected because of the pet and it’s very vital to keep the air better.

Now that your home is entirely pet ready, take some time to get yourself and you family ready too. How? Just instruct everyone to be calm, patient, and loving towards the pet — and your new adopted member would feel at home easily.  

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