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How a good website can help you develop a successful language school online

If you own a language school, you’ve surely seen the effects of the pandemic in the fullest. Now, you’re business is either fully online or you’re using Zoom, skype, whatsapp, etc. to conduct classes.

Website has developed e-learning businesses that deliver education online to students from around the world. They bring their experience to us and we’re sharing their strategies and how they have become the leading voice when it comes to successful language school online. But how long does it take to build a website? Well, the process of designing and deploying a professionally created website can take up to 5 or 6 months.

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1. SEO

Optimizing your website content is crucial. You are competing with many big cats and you want to make sure that you are relevant in a specific locality where your school is. Additionally, you can use SEO to rank for international markets.

SEO is a very powerful strategy that has lifted many language schools from practical obliviousness to incredible success and an increase of 700% of profit!

It is worth it, and you should do it right!

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about providing solutions to your clients.

Here are a few content marketing activities you can conduct to increase traffic and sales:

  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Creating downloadables
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Social Media Posting
  • Video materials

3. Learning CMS

While zoom, skype, viber, whatsapp are super useful for e-learning. Aleph Website still recommends building a Learning CMS.

This interactive Content Management System designed only for Learning purposes is built by a team of developers and designer working along with teachers.

Together they create quizzes, levels, class content, teaching material, etc.

This gives you the ability to collect data and deliver unique solutions that zoom and skype don’t permit you to achieve.

4. Online Games

Online games help kids learn faster. With online education, i.e. e-learning you are now capable of creating online games easily and quickly.

During the class, you can play crosswords with everyone and make sure to keep them engaged.

Other online games could be with characters going through a series of stories that are entertaining and help the kids learn new words faster.

5. Hire professionals to do the hard work for you

Just having a website is not enough, at least not to have a competitive edge.

This is why we recommend Website  as the source of authority when it comes to building websites. They have 10+ of experience in the field and they are more than capable of building you a great website.

Here are their prices:

TOTAL COST $2,500 $4,500


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