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Learn How At-Home Gel Manicure Is Better Than Acrylic Nails!

With the changing trends in the fashion world, the fashion industry has evolved with exquisitely designed fashion pieces and accessories. These fashion essentials prevent you from going through the hassle of spending hours getting reading in the morning or for an event.

Among these fashion pieces, the at-home gel manicure kits have become a woman’s best friend. Some women must be wondering if they are better off with their acrylic nails or why should they switch to gel manicure kits?? Well, keep reading through to clarify your doubts. Before going any further, you must figure out what you exactly expect while getting your nails done.

While both gel nails acrylic nail extensions are a great option to try on various nail trends, there are numerous differences between both. To eliminate the chances of getting chappy or flaky nails, women choose to get gel manicures over acrylic nails due to a variety of concerns. Let us dive deeper into the significant differences between at-home gel manicure kit and acrylic nails:

Appearance And Durability

Both acrylic nails and gel nails are artificial nail enhancements done on your natural nails. Gel nails provide a more glossy and natural look, offering an elegant appearance to your hands than acrylic nails. At the same time, acrylics are more sturdy and do not last as long as gel nails.


Getting acrylic nails attached to your nails involves the application of primer or glue-like substance initially on the nails. You need to get help from professional nail artists to get acrylic nails, which takes a lot of time. The curing time of acrylic nails is usually slower as compared to other types of nail extensions.

Moreover, the skin contact of sticking material or curing substances of acrylic nails can cause rashes or allergies. You may also have to wait in the queue or book an early appointment which may hamper your work schedule.

On the other hand, an at-home manicure kit consisting of gel nails and other accessories makes it easy and convenient to get manicures anytime, anywhere. Gel nails are cured using UV lamps and can be directly applied with or without a base or primer. The Gail nails and accessories do not cause any harm to your natural nails or never result in rashes or allergies.


The most prominent feature why women choose to invest in at-home gel manicure kits rather than acrylic nails. Getting acrylic nails costs way more than any other nail extension, plus you have to go to a professional salon. Moreover, the cost of traveling to the salon and way back is also included.

On the other hand, order the at-home gel manicure kit online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. The instruction manual inside will guide you on how to use them, and there are no additional costs involved while using the product.


The superior quality and best at-home manicure with gel nails is the best option if you wish to have nail extensions that last longer. Whereas acrylic nails do not last long, and there are high chances of them getting broken even with the slightest jerk.


Overall, the at-home gel nail manicure has the edge over acrylic nails while looking at the various factors like cost, durability, etc. however, it is always a personal preference to invest in nail extensions that suit your budget and other requirements.

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