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How beginners can increase their vocabulary in English

Managing vocabulary is one of the keys to speaking English fluently. If your grammar is perfect and you do not know the right words to express yourself, it would be difficult to have a fluent conversation. Fortunately, learning a new vocabulary is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the English learning process.

When you begin to learn a language, one of the most difficult aspects is to express yourself correctly because many times, you do not know the correct words to achieve it.

Would you like to speak English correctly? Suppose you want to express yourself more effectively. In that case, they recommend you start by learning the commonly used Basic English vocabulary words so that you can understand conversations and express yourself in any situation.

Learn useful vocabulary

It is something so essential that it seems unnecessary, but sometimes you want to learn a large sum of vocabulary that you may not use at the moment. Therefore, it is better to focus, at first, on learning the most basic and necessary to interact with other people, use it for a specific job, travel, etc. you will increase the vocabulary and possibly also the difficulty of the language with it. 

Take hold of culture.

Using books, series, movies, and Free Piano Sheet Music to gain new vocabulary is something too useful. These are good sources of information to increase your lexicon in English. To do this, they recommend always having a dictionary at hand to look up unfamiliar words. By doing this, they are learning vocabulary. You can also teach 4th grade vocabulary words to your kid easily.

Make a vocabulary list.

They suggest you make a list of vocabulary words in a notebook or document on the PC or even on cards. This will help us to have those new words that you  are learning and take a look, from time to time, if you need to remember them for a test or review them to avoid being forgotten.

You can prepare lists by topic and separate those by colors to maintain order, for example, pink for clothing, green for kitchen utensils, red for professions, etc. 

Practice and review

You can learn new words and expressions, but over time and not using them can make you forget. For this reason, so that it can be used at any time when you need to or talk in English or write a text, it is recommended that you check from time to time that you learned that fresh and there is “at hand”. 

Repetition leads to memorization. As you repeat the same action for several days, you take practice, making it less complicated to store words every day.

It is beneficial and, although it seems silly, constructing sentences or remembering those words or expressions and their meaning helps us retain them in your memory, and you will hardly forget them.


This is possibly the best way to learn vocabulary. Practicing a language is an excellent way to learn new things, avoid forgetting what you have learned, and improve pronunciation and fluency: practice makes perfect.

To do this, a good option is to use platforms, such as Verb ling, to have online conversations with trained teachers from around the world. This type of internship helps us learn English online flexibly and forces us to speak English from day one.

Create tokens

Design some cards in English and study them in your free time. Create new ones each week, but keep going over them all. Doing them will help you remember the words faster.


Practice your movements or act with the learned words and expressions; please imagine a situation where you need to use them. If you have a research partner, they can be dynamic in interpreting the words and expressions. Your partner will switch roles from guessing what you did.


Take a look at the words when you are reading or listening to something in English. Please take note of real-life examples of these words to learn how to use them correctly. Do not take note of the word individually; also include the ones that surround it. These are important, especially to learn to combine terms.

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