How do I choose a security door for my house?

The process of securing a home is not complete just because you have security cameras, guard and watch dogs. Crime rates and cases of burglary have been roof high in most urban cities which calls for new strategies of self-protection. Future home owners should acknowledge the role of good Security Doors for a newly built home. While choosing a door for your home can be confusing due to the diverse types available, you can always consider using the following discussed tips below to help you find the security door that will meet your needs.

Choose customization 

This is obviously the main objective of most home owners who want to have unique features in their homes. A good door might already be in the market for you, however customizing one gives you the actual satisfaction as every quality of the door is inspected to detail. You can choose the type of metal you want for your door, whether it will be painted or powder coated, the quality of locks also matters among other factors which you can give your manufacturer for slightly unique security door. Since what you pay for is what you get, prepare to choose a good manufacturer that will fit within your budget range before concluding your search for one.

Go for powder coated ones 

Previously home owners had complaints about the quality of painted doors especially when exposed to direct sunlight. It does not hold up as well as the  Doors Brisbane that are powder coated. The painted doors will take a lot from your pocket in terms of maintenance unlike the powdered ones which allows your door to meet the quality you need. You should however be cautious when you live in windy regions as the powder could slowly be blown off by strong winds regularly. 

Confirm quality of handles and locks 

Doors that are fixed in busy places end up breaking down the fastest especially due to a lot of banging, opening and closing. You should make a point to assess the quality of locks that the door you choose comes with. Ultimately, most buyers in the market never know the best type of handles to choose. In this case, you should go for warranted for options which assure you of durability or better yet you get compensated in case the locks or handles distort before you use the door for a long time. 

Assess certifications first 

There a lot of companies that manufacture doors but the quality will for sure differ depending on who you choose to shop from. Before paying, confirm that the manufacturer has not used dubious schemes to reduce the cost of manufacture hence dilute the quality or reliability of the security door you are paying for. Certified doors will meet the standard set for the market and in Australia, most of the doors are certified by AS5041-2003. Durability is the top priority to look for when shopping for the perfect security door and windows for your house. 

Weld on hinges preferably 

Since hinges add on to the strength that a door has, you must deliberate on which type of hinges you want. The butt hinges ones are often common for wooden doors but modern home owners prefer other alternatives. When looking for your security door, choose the ones with hinges welded onto the main frame of the door. This makes it easy to support the weight of the door especially if it is heavy or used in a busy area. Butt hinges however go best if you have a pin on your door that can lock into the framework.

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