How Does Gen Z Style Men’s Polos?

Men’s fashion in the past has followed conservative styles or trends set by celebrities. However, Gen Z men are bringing diversity back to their clothes with new and creative ways of styling.

With genderless clothes becoming the new norm, there are no rules to personal fashion anymore. In such a scenario, how is your traditional polo t-shirt faring?

Men’s polos have been a wardrobe staple for many years. They are a smart alternative to regular t-shirts, and you can dress them up or down for any occasion.

Read on to see how Gen Z has taken to this conventional piece of clothing.

Gen Z and Polos for Men

How does the safe, reliable, and lazy polo t-shirt transform in the Gen Z world?

It’s with bold colours and pronounced designs. Here are some ways in which the new generation is taking their polos from dull to dapper.

Business (But Mostly) Casual

Polos have always been a frontrunner in the business casual arena. Their structured fit and muted tones form the perfect complement to a pair of trousers or a suit.

However, Gen Z has taken power dressing out of the boardroom. Be it a casual lunch date or a party; you will always see them bring their fashion A game.

They believe that every item of clothing must have a unique voice. So, if you opt for a neutral polo, your suit must add a fresh pop of colour. While pastel suits are a crowd favourite, you might feel self-conscious trying them for the first time.

Instead, you can wear a fresh coloured polo under a darker suit or a bright, striped one with a pair of formal trousers.

Gen Z is unapologetic about expressing themselves through their clothes. So, if you like this not-so-business casual style, do not hold back from experimenting.

No More Buttons

Do you fasten the buttons on your polos?

Most men prefer to keep their collars open in informal settings. But Gen Z makes a simple but powerful change to this style by eliminating the buttons.

This minimal, fitted, and bold style leaves you looking classier than ever. So, pair your polo with white chinos and a pair of loafers, and you are ready to go. You can also try some trouser-shorts for a sportier look.

Overall, this outfit exudes an old-timey look while being extremely comfortable. Moreover, you can appreciate how a small change can completely modify the feel of the outfit.

Piping and Terry Towelling

Gen Z constantly looks to social media for fashion inspiration and education. If you do not want to go the bright and bold way with your fashion, here is an alternative.

Be more attentive to the styles you pick. Gen Z catches on to design and texture trends very quickly. When it comes to a men’s polo, piping and terry towelling are the new favourites.

Highlighting the cuffs and collar of a polo with a contrasting thread is called piping. This amplifies the timelessness of the design and imparts more structure to the piece.

Terry towelling is an aristocrat’s polo. Made from soft terry cloth, this polo will make your look smarter without trying.

So, if you are trying to get a hold of the Gen Z style, these polos might be the easiest first steps to try.

You have seen three ways in which Gen Z livens up traditional men’s polos. These styles might be new to you, but that is what the new generation is all about- trying new, exciting things to identify what screams you best

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