How does moisturizer work in winter?

As winters are on the door, we can expect some unwelcoming guests as well. Winter brings the chills and harsh winds that result in dryness. Our skin starts to get wind burnt, dry spots get visible and our lips become chapped which is appreciated by no one.

Winters can be cozy and fun at one side but when it comes to skin, they can be bitter if you become careless about your skincare because cold and harsh climate can snatch away the natural glimpse of the skin and leave it excessively dry that makes it look dull and damage the natural glow of your face. The key factor in keeping our skin glowing is to stay hydrated and moisturizers are a must in your daily skincare habit because it can do wonders for your skin.

Why do we need a moisturizer?

Our skin is one of the most delicate organs of our body and it cannot stand the harsh weather in winters and get cracked and wrinkled as the dry climate can dry out the natural moisture and skin seems dehydrated. Moisturizer is a need for all skin types even if you have normal or oily skin.

 Moisturizers are not only good for dry skin but they are also vital for normal and oily skin because winters can dry them as well. All moisturizers are different and we need to identify our skin type so we select the type that suits us best because an unsuitable moisturizer can do no benefit to the skin.

Types of moisturizers

There are several moisturizer types like day creams for all skin types ranging from dry to oily skin and moisturizing night cream for dry skin, normal and oily skin.

For normal or dry skin, oil-based moisturizers are best because they can lock in moisture and retain the natural oils of the skin. It is considered that oily skins do not need moisturization but people with oily skin must choose a water-based moisturizer that does not clog pores and makes your skin look fresh and smooth.

How does it work?

All types of creams work differently. At night our skin is more active and it can work better so night creams must be used that are thick so that your skin can retain as much moisture as possible and fight dryness but during the day, day creams are used which are light enough to keep the balance of water in the skin.

How to apply?

Adding moisturizers to skincare can do benefits if you apply it properly. You must wash your face and rather than rubbing your face with a towel, tap dry it so that some water remains on your skin. Then, take an adequate amount of moisturizer, dot it all over your face, and absorb it into your skin with a light hand.

You should be careful about not rubbing your skin as it can damage the cells and an important thing to consider is to not overdo moisturization because using oil-based moisturization can clog pores and cause breakouts and damage the outlook of skin.

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