Some Do’s and Don’ts Of A Wood Pallet Business  

In order to help people deliver who are in the chain of supply and to do so through simple and clear solutions, Precise Pallet Management helps you save your time.

Oftentimes there are various time consuming pallet losses so the recovery of such loss is cured and made easy with Precise Pallet Management. The team present at PPM are very trained and handle all sorts of CHEP hired equipment and instruments. CHEP; being the best company for dealing in pallet and container pooling services, serves people industrially and various retail supply chains. Brambles and CHEP are subsidiary of each other where CHEP basically is pro in wooden and plastic pallets as well as crates, IBC containers, little display pallets.

Our Precise Pallet Management team also handles all sorts of Loscam hired instruments and equipment which provides excellent service by a reduced and proactive cost. Different businesses have taken different approaches with us and let us tell you one thing they all say! None of them have ever been left dissatisfied.

Here are some do’s and don’ts of a wood pallet business:

Do’s for Packing:

There should be minimum supply trucks to save you time and money and in order to achieve this goal, you have to make sure to use the space as much as you can. Pack onto your pallet as much as you can so there won’t be many shipping rounds.

This is rather common sense to pack the huge and bulky items on the bottom and then end with the smallest at the top. This way, good weight distribution works good and things won’t be disrupted once packed.

In order to pack the engine parts or camping materials, make sure to tie such items with a strap.

Whereas to pack fresh produce, make sure you tie it with a plastic shrink wrap which keeps the items fresh and air trapped for a good time.

Don’ts for Packing:

Since you started to fill the pallet from larger items to small, make sure there aren’t any gaps between the boxes as well. Put boxes on top of each other such that there is not even a single space for air. Remember, do NOT leave gaps and it causes disproportionality and sliding of pallets.

Do’s for Same Day Pick-Up:

Our PPM service is specifically for businesses where shipping to Fulfilments of Amazon warehouse can be done right away so choose that.

You have to make sure the roads for our trucks for the same day pick-up are wide enough. You can leave a reminder on the instructions if there’s anything you want to let us know.

With the same day pick-up, you have to weigh your goods precisely. FYI, the tail lift on a truck can carry up to 1000 kg so be prepared accordingly.

Don’ts for Same Day Pick-Up:

Uneven terrain makes it impossible for our delivery trucks.

Don’t leave the driver waiting, please pack everything beforehand; at least 1 hour before.

Don’t forget to mention any special handling instructions and the nature of delivery.

Do’s for Pallets:

Know the pallet sizes so you won’t have to overpay and the truck drivers will know exactly what they’re carrying.

Make sure your engine and gearboxes are all free of liquids and drained thoroughly if the pallet is handling it.

Do strap the engines with a ratchet strap to the pallet to ensure safety.

Don’ts for Pallets:

Don’t have a pallet? No worries, we can supply you with one with a minimum amount of money.

Do not hesitate to ask for a pallet but make sure you inform us before time and not the last minute.

Do not use overused pallets please inspect them yourself, we won’t be responsible for the damage if you use your own damaged pallets.

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