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Portuguese Marriage Certificate FAQ

Marriage is no shy of a celebration, but it may seem like a chore if you choose to get married in a foreign land. The following short bursts of information facilitate you if you wish to tie the wedding knot in Portugal.

Who can request a Portuguese Marriage Certificate?

Any individual who intends to get married can request a Portuguese Marriage Certificate. However, the list contains individuals that are not eligible for marriage applications.

Where can I request a Portuguese Marriage Certificate?

An online version of the request is available at the civil online portal, which takes up to six months to process a certification submission. If you wish to physically submit a Portuguese Marriage Certificate request, visit the civil registry office, citizen’s shops, or IRN’s Registry Spaces.

What to do if the marriage registry is more than 50 years old?

Suppose the marriage registry is over 50 years old. In that case, you must contact the registry office to see if the certificate has already been sent to the local archives. In case it is already there, you just need to put in a request and obtain it directly from the local registry.

What are the charges for a Portuguese Marriage Certificate translation?

The expense varies according to the mode of request obtained. An online certificate costs €10, while a paper application for a Portuguese Marriage Certificate will cost you €20.

How can I pay for my Portuguese Marriage Certificate?

The payment for an online request is processed against a credit card or Multibanco payment.

However, the payment for a paper certificate can be made in cash, postal order, bank check, or Multibanco ATM services.

What are the legal ages for marriage in Portugal?

People above the age of 18 can marry at will. You can also marry if you are 16, and consent is provided by your parents. The same rules apply to same-sex marriages.

Which documents are required to attain a Portuguese Marriage Certificate?

You need the following documents:

  • Place of permanent residence.
  • A certified copy of a birth certificate that was issued in the previous six months.
  • An impediment certificate issued by a Portugal consulate; British nationals are exempt from this rule.
  • Lastly, a baptismal certificate from a roman catholic church.

Can I elope to Portugal?

Portugal is an excellent choice for a destination wedding or for eloping. It is an affordable wedding venue with a very low cost of arrangements. Another advantage of eloping in a foreign country is saving money on booking a huge venue, accommodation, and food expenses.

Who can initiate the wedding process for the Portuguese Marriage Certificate?

The wedding process can be put into place by:

  • Any individuals who are of sane mind or by their representatives who have been allotted special powers.
  • A Priest, head of the church, or religious minister accepted by the Portuguese community.

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