How does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots? 

Although the world of online casino gambling is an outrageous amount of fun there is also no denying the fact that there is potential for it to be rather dangerous too. But this is where organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission come in, as they do crucial work to ensure the safety of all of us gamblers.

Without the UK Gambling Commission criminals and dodgy online casino sites would have a much easier time taking advantage of us. Keep reading for a discussion into how the UK gambling commission views deposit by phone slots. 

What is the UK Gambling Commission? 

Right then, the first thing to talk about here is quite basic: what is the UK Gambling Commission. Well, the UK Gambling Commission was established back in 2005 off the back of The Gambling Act 2005, and was tasked with overseeing all the many facets of the Great British gambling industry. 

In order for things like casinos, bookies, bingo halls, the lottery and online casinos to operate 100% legally they have to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which requires them to abide by the laws that are set by the organisation. These laws are created in order to make sure that customers are not being taken advantage of, and also to avoid the growing problem of problem gambling.

How does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots? 

Okay, and how does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots? Well, as a general rule of thumb the UK Gambling Commission isn’t here to cast judgement on any part of the gambling industry, but simply to keep it in check. Regardless, they obviously see the merit in online slots, otherwise they wouldn’t have allowed the industry to expand so quickly.

With that being said, the best way to describe the UK Gambling Commission’s approach to slots is that they see them as being fun but also potentially dangerous. This is echoed in the various laws and restrictions that slot developers and online casino sites must follow. 

Ways in which the UK Gambling Commission ensures safety of online slots players 

For some gamblers the UK Gambling Commission can appear to be an annoying authority emblematic of “the man”, however in actuality they are the ones keeping us safer than ever, especially in relation to slots. Here are some ways in which the UK Gambling Commission ensures the safety of online slots players: 

  •         RTP: Due to the UK Gambling Commission developers and online casino sites are obliged to show the RTP of all of their games, something that makes for a great deal more transparency.
  •         Licensing casinos: Online casinos for the most part are honest institutions, however this is accentuated even more by the fact that the UK Gambling Commission is vital to licensing casinos. This keeps casinos in check, making sure that winnings are paid out amongst other things. 

New 2021 UK online slot laws 

In February of 2021 the UK Gambling Commission updated some of their laws in regard to slots. Take a look at some of these changes: 

  •         Ban on slot features that speed up gameplay.
  •         Reel spin speeds that are quicker than 2.5 seconds.
  •         A blanket ban on autoplay. 

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