How many lessons are there in Noorani Qaida?

To learn QURAN in a good way and to do its recitation with its articulation points is very important. Noorani Qaida is the best way to get complete knowledge about the Arabic words and Arabic Signs. If you don’t recite a QURAN with its correct pronunciation then it is not good, because changing the word or the signs in QURAN change the entire meaning of the Word.


Noorani Qaida includes 17 chapters, after learning these chapters you can read a QURAN with a good Pronunciation. At the start of this Qaida, you will learn about the Arabic words and how they are connected. Once you get a good knowledge of Arabic words and easily distinguished between them, then move to the second step in which you get to know about the Arabic Signs.

So stay connected with the QURAN Studies and learn about it. In the USA Online Noorani Qaida is teaching by the Online QURAN academy., You can learn it by just sitting in your home. The name of Noorani Qaida author is Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani, he was born in 1865, Punjab. Online learning is a good platform for girls to learn Qaida especially.

Lessons in Noorani Qaida:

Online QURAN academy in the USA also teaching the Noorani Qaida. It is one of the modern ways to learn Noorani Qaida. There are 17 chapters in Noorani Qaida, Let’s learn about these chapters in detail;

In the first lesson, you start pronouncing the Arabic Alphabet those are 29 in number. Some of the words are pronounced with lips and some from an open mouth. Then in the second lesson, you get the knowledge that how to pronounce the joint letters which are known as “Murakkabat”.The third lesson is related to “Muqatta’at”, which is 14 words. Disconnected and disjointing letters are they. “Harkaat” is explained in the Fourth lesson of Noorani Qaida. 

Lesson 5 is all about the double harkaat, they have different pronunciations and sounds. The connection of different letters with the proper rules is in the sixth lesson. In lesson seven prolong words are studied, in the Eighth lesson the soft vowels. In Ninth, the tajweed rules. In lesson ten, Jazm and sakoon are learned by the student and also the Qalqalah Words.

Learning a Noorani Qaida is not difficult if you move step by step, the online QURAN academy in the USA also teaching the Qaida in sequential order. Now, in the 11th lesson, Students revised. In the 12th they learn the Tashdeed sign, which includes a strong voice and reading one word twice. In the next lessons, you will learn the revision of previous all the chapters.


After reading the Noorani Qaida with its all 17 lessons, you can read Quran without any mistake. As Muslims, it’s our duty to read the QURAN in the form like it was revealed. A little change in the word and its sign become a Haram mistake and also change the meaning of the word. So save yourself and your kids from the mistake and learn the Noorani Qaida. If you have no time to go outside then start the online course.

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