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5 Best Luggage Brands for each of your Trip and Luggage Type

A durable suitcase makes your travel easy and memorable. It doesn’t matter how many trips do you plan in a year or month, a suitcase to suit your every travel need is a necessary purchase. There are many style and color preferences that everyone has but the man thing we suggest you to look in your bag while buying is its long lasting durability, capability to hold all the necessary stuff and being easy to carry around with all the packed stuff. Extra things to look for are water resistance, inner pockets, scratch resistance, fun patterns, solid colors of your choice and safe space to keep valuables etc. We have been a fan of long weekend trips and love to pack a lot so if you want to get help from our experience with travel bags or luggage then go through our list and buy something from our recommendations by using Milano discount code handed by along with many other discount codes to make your life light and wallet heavy. Here are the best recommendations for you.

Away Luggage, Best Overall:

These are made from 100% polycarbonate which makes it really lightweight and durable. They might weigh less than your favorite fabric bags. You can return these bags in 100 days of purchase but that might not be needed as they also have an easily remove-able battery to charge your mobiles etc. and that works fine with regulations of air companies.

Open Story, Best Value:

These have hard-side material and still have a low cost than others. If you are someone who likes to organize stuff a lot then these with a lot of pocket and compartments will be your next favorite. In this you will have to add battery but it comes with USB port and detachable bag to place your laundry. It comes in almost 9 different colors.

Basic Luggage, Best Cost:

These ones are available in both options to choose from hard-side or soft-side. Their styles vary from duffels, backpacks and large spacious ones. If you want an under-seat bag then these might be your pick. Although these are really pocket friendly but saving more by using Milano discount code available on will only do you good.

Thule Luggage & Travel Bags:

These are 2 in 1 type bags and help you and your partner to share it while maintaining separate place for each one’s items. Their compartments are detachable and can also be joined together when needed to carry one large bag. These durable are acing in both kinds, soft and hard-side. They come in 3 different sizes so choosing one will be easy.

L.L.Bean Long Trip Luggage:

If you like to plan long trips like us or just have so much stuff to go with then this one will amaze you due to the offered space. These duffle bags are spacious enough to carry all you will need. Their XL sizes have 36 gallons packing space available. These summer camp perfect bags are easy on budget by purchasing with Milano discount code of

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