Edge Computing

How Exactly Does Edge Computing Work?

These days, it seems that everyone is talking about cloud computing. However, not so many people are talking about edge computing. This will likely change in the coming years.

In fact, it is estimated that the edge computing market will be worth more than forty billion dollars by 2027.

But what exactly is edge computing? And how does it even work?

We’re glad you asked. So keep on reading and we will walk you through everything that you want to know about edge computing.

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing refers to technologies that can move information closer to the point of data generation. With cloud computing, you have a central location where all of the servers are. So the information needs to travel from your computer to the servers, which can be halfway across the world.

Edge computing brings the information much closer to the device. The computing is happening on the “edge” instead of in the cloud. You basically process data near the client, instead of in a warehouse far away.

When you utilize edge computing properly, you can increase the efficiency and speed of the technology.

What Does Edge Computing Do?

Before edge computing, data needed to be stored on a central server somewhere. It could be in the office or in the cloud. The data would travel from the user’s device to the server and back.

As we can see, this can take up a lot of time and energy.

Imagine that you were in a self-driving car. It’s okay if it needs to connect to the cloud in order to find the kind of music that you want to play. But it is not as good of an idea to have it connect to the cloud in order to determine if it should stop short when a cyclist cuts you off on the road.

In that kind of instance, you don’t want there to be any latency. This is what makes edge computing so useful.

Edge computing is more efficient and cost-effective than other computing options. Any device that uses real-time processing can stand to benefit from cloud computing.

In fact, this post explains several reasons why edge computing is a useful tool.

How Is Edge Computing Implemented?

When it comes to edge computing, enterprises can decide what edge architecture they need. This means that developers can decide to run part of their code at edge locations to reduce costs and movement.

The Importance of Knowing How Edge Computing Works

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of how edge computing works. As we can see, edge computing comes with a lot of advantages and will likely become more prominent as time goes on.

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