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How Lifeline Skin Care Products defend your skin from the effect of aging

Skin aging is a natural process, yet everyone is in the pursuit of looking their prime. So, there is enormous demand for anti-aging products. As the skin ages, it becomes prone to harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun and other weather elements. The effects of age lead to rough, dull, and uneven skin tone. Some of the visible signs of skin aging include “fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin. Apart from these, dark spots, age spots, crow’s feet, dryness in the skin also occur as the skin ages. Women across the globe look for skincare products that will reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

Demand for Anti-aging products

The demand for anti-aging products has led to continual research on skin science. Scientists develop anti-aging products that improve skin elasticity, look, and appearance. Market shelves are full of anti-aging products that claim to give good results in a matter of a few days. Most of the anti-aging skincare range is either made with chemicals or with organic ingredients. Both chemical-based and organic anti-aging products assert their superiority over each other. Each beauty product tries to edge over others as they use different ingredients in their product. Most of the anti-aging products and treatments use retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and sunscreens together with natural oils. Several skin clinics also offer various treatments for youthful and rejuvenated skin. This includes treatments like instant skin brightening, wrinkle reduction, removal of age spots.

Ineffectiveness of most Anti-aging products

Even though the demand for anti-aging products is very high, not every product gives lasting effects. Some of the best brands reduce wrinkles only by 10%, which is unnoticeable to human eyes. One of the reasons being the presence of large molecules. The creams or serums don’t get absorbed into the skin and so can’t work their magic, making them ineffective in the long run. Hence, the demand for appropriate anti-aging products is high for positive and long-lasting effects.

How are Lifeline’s Products different?

Instead of synthetic chemicals or organic ingredients, Lifeline products use highly potent biological components– Stem cells. The peptides, amino acids, and enzymes present in the non-embryonic stem cell extracts improve collagen and elastin production in the body.

The Lifeline stem cell skincare products use

  1. Human stem cell extracts as human cells can communicate with each other cell communication. This cell-to-cell communication enables the creation of new cells to repair damaged tissues.
  2. Non-Embryonic stem cells are the most potent cells that are active early in life. At Lifeline, the scientists created microscopic encapsulation technology to preserve stem cell proteins.

The effectiveness of the Lifeline skin care products is due to three reasons:

#1 Human stem cells are effective.

Human stem cells can communicate with other cells in the body using different signals. Using the signals can instruct neighboring cells to create new cells to repair the damaged tissues. This is not possible in plant stem cells.

#2 They are non-embryonic

The most potent stem cells are those active early in life. So, adult stem cells aren’t as potent as non-embryonic stem cells.

#3 Small Molecule Technology

The extracts from non-embryonic stem cells are encapsulated in a smaller molecule than the molecules present in most skincare products. So, they get absorbed better and can increase collagen production to improve the elasticity structure of the skin and reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

Lifeline Skin Care Products

Advanced Recovery Complex


Lifeline Pro plus Advanced Recovery Complex is a product from Lifeline that contains peptides from stem cells that help in collagen and elastin production. Peptides and antioxidants, along with B complex, in advanced recovery complex, regenerate skin cells. It helps to minimize free radical damage, thus reducing aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it gets absorbed smoothly and is suitable for both dry and sensitive skin. Use a few drops twice daily on clean skin for a bright, smooth, and radiant look.

Advanced Recovery Complex

Advanced Aqueous Treatment

The innovative advanced aqueous treatment from Lifeline is excellent for pre and post-dermatological treatments. Regular even application helps in the reduction of inflammation and redness of treated skin. The presence of peptides and proteins from human stem cells with other ingredients like vitamin E and hydroquinone stimulates skin elasticity. As the product works on the epidermal or outer layer of skin, effective results like fast and improved healing of wounds are visible in a few days of regular use. The usage of aqueous treatment also helps in firming, toning improves skin quality, and prevents aging of the skin.

Advanced Aqueous Treatment

Brightening Toner

The brightening toner from Lifeline uses small molecule technology with natural and gentle ingredients like melon and cucumber. Brightening toner has to be evenly spread all over the face and neck with cotton pads twice daily. Follow this routine before retiring to bed for better results. The skin-friendly ingredients in toner gently wipe out dead skin cells, debris makeup, and free radical pollutants. The toner is light on the skin and does not disturb the PH level of the skin. This alcohol-free brightening toner is suitable for all skin types. It aids in the reduction of sun and age spots, clears away skin discoloration. The result is glowing, moisturized, and light skin.

Skin Care Products

Daily Defence Complex

The daily defense complex is a light feel product for luminous and wrinkle-free skin. It rejuvenates damaged cells and prevents skin sagging, and results in tight and firm skin. The peptides and plant extracts in daily defense prevent skin from damaging effects of harsh ultraviolet rays, air pollutants, and allergens. The twice-daily routine improves the quality of the skin.

Daily Defence Complex

Lifeline ProPlus Elastin Booster

As the name suggests, this product boosts elastin generation, which is important for healthy skin. The advanced formulation contains Elastin Targeted Molecule Technology (TMT). It stimulates elastin production in dermal fibroblast cells and increases skin firmness. Use only a few drops together with other anti-aging products for optimal results.

Lifeline ProPlus Elastin Booster


Lifeline skin care alters and improves the cellular structure of the skin. Using small-molecule technology and non-embryonic human stem cells, Lifeline skincare brought innovation and technology together in their products. Enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, their products restore smooth and firm skin. Lifeline skincare products have high efficacy and go through tests as per US FDA regulations. The tests show products by Lifeline have a remarkable effect on skin’s feel and appearance.


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